Belgium: Three Quarters Believe Islam to be Intolerant and Incompatible with Their Society

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2018

Islam, in comparison with any other nonwhite group, is the least tolerated, due to their own advocacy for the violent takeover of white societies.

And sure, they don’t all advocate that openly, but they all engage Western society with that concept in mind – the violence, drug-dealing, rape and otherwise stealing of white women (yes, when they date them they are stealing them), along with just the basic demeanor with which they deal with white people – which always has a degree of hostility, usually a large degree of hostility – tells the story of a conquering army, rather than a group that has come in to hold hands and sing songs.

You compare this to the Jews, who have a very sneaky agenda (like Sneaky Dianne), or the blacks, who really don’t have any agenda at all beyond “gives money, whitey,” and it is clear why Islamics are singled out to be despised.

Valeurs Actuelles:

According to a study, the population outre-Quiévrain feels “more and more invaded” and considers Islam to be an intolerant religion and “not compatible with the values of society”.

It’s a rejection without appeal for the myth of Belgian multiculturalism. A study, published last week and carried out at the initiative of RTBF and the newspaper Le Soir, concluded that seven out of ten Belgians have the impression of living through the Muslim conquest of their country.

This poll, carried out on a panel of 4734 people, indicates that 74% of the people questioned consider Islam to be an intolerant religion (compared to 38% for Judaism and 14% for Catholicism). 71% judge it to be incompatible “with the values of [their] society”.

60% of those polled see the presence of a Muslim community in Belgium as “a threat to the identity of [their] country”, to the great displeasure of Belgian public television which sees in this “the sign of a society filled with fear and the rejection of otherness.” Two-thirds of Belgians feel “more and more invaded” and think “there are too many immigrants”. By contrast, only 13% see the Muslim community as “a cultural enrichment factor” for their country.

Of course, the Belgians didn’t believe this before their country was flooded with these people.

Brussels is now at least 20% Moslem, and there are huge no-go zones where terrorists hide and drug dealers and sex traffickers operate with impunity.

The Jews sold us on the idea that none of this would ever be an issue, that the people who claimed it would be were simply filled with a virulent and irrational hatred for certain types of skin pigmentation, and that if we didn’t go along with it we were no better than inbred trailer people.

Now that it doesn’t work – which we know because we tried it – we are told that it is impossible to undo, because it is impossible to move large numbers of people from one area to another. So we just have to figure out a way to make it work.

The German solution is to bully everyone into converting to Islam. Probably, only Germans will be willing to accept that as a solution, because they are the people who have been the most targeted by guilt over the Holocaust hoax.

Whatever the case, this is going to end in a bloodbath at this point. I don’t think there is any solution that ends in something other than that. The Germans are correct in that the least bloody solution would be a willing conversion of the local population to Islam.

Translation via Diversity Macht Frei.