Belgium: Truck Driver Gets Attacked by a Dozen Africans Armed with Spears, Rods and Machetes

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2019

You’ve gotta be careful on the highways of Europe.

They’re teeming with roving gangs of African spearchuckers – and some of them haven’t eaten in days.


A gang of migrants attacked a truck driver with spears, machetes, and rods while he slept on a highway near Walshoutem, Belgium, police say.

The Romanian driver says he was asleep in his vehicle at a rest stop on highway E40 when he heard “rustling” noises coming from his trailer.

When he stepped outside to investigate, a dozen African migrants set upon him with weapons, forcing him to flee back into the cab of his truck while they battered his windows, according to SCEPTR.

“They attacked him with spears, rods and machetes,” police said.

“The man was completely in shock. The gang that had attacked the man was already gone,” when police arrived.

Due to apparent understaffing, only one patrol was sent to handle the attack, Het Nieuwsblad reports.

“There was only one patrol available. A consequence of the budget cuts,” a police union spokesman said. “Our colleagues – according to the booklet – actually had to wait for reinforcements that had to come from Anderlecht, some 65 kilometers from there. But because we could not let the driver continue to be molested, that one patrol went to the spot.”

“The staff shortages for the road police have reached 50 percent. We really fear that there must first be deaths before the agents will receive reinforcement to tackle this kind of dangerous phenomenon. The number of incidents can no longer be counted. It is also becoming increasingly violent.”