Controlled Opposition Jew Shill Ben Shapiro is Already Getting Censored on Social Media

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2019

My censorship prophecy, which goes all the way back to when I was first censored in 2017, states that from the censorship of me, the Jewish media and tech companies will progressively censor all right wing voices, completely.

However, a key part of my prophecy was that the last to be censored would be Jewish controlled opposition figures.

Although my website was stolen in 2017, my prediction was that the progression would go like this:

  1. Social media will be completely cleansed of people who talk about race or Jews
  2. Social media will be cleansed of people who support Trump
  3. Social media will be cleansed of any kind of conservative or Christian
  4. People who talk about race or Jews will have their websites stolen
  5. People who support Trump will have their websites stolen
  6. Social media will be cleansed of fake right-wing Jewish shills
  7. Conservatives and Christians will have their websites stolen
  8. Fake right-wing Jewish shills will have their websites stolen

We’re on #2 and #3 right now. Two years after my website was stolen, no one major has had their website stolen (Gab was able to find a new registrar when theirs kicked them off). (Notably, Alex Jones was deranked on Google, which has a similar effect to having your website stolen.)

But this week, we heard from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas that Pinterest, a social media company you don’t think much about but which nonetheless has almost as many users as Twitter, has censored Ben Shapiro, the King Herod of Jewish controlled opposition figures.

Then Twitter and YouTube censored Project Veritas for posting about Pinterest censoring Ben Shapiro.

So, this is one social media company already censoring Shapiro, and two companies censoring talking about Ben Shapiro being censored – while there are still some voices left on social media.

Does that mean the prophecy was wrong?


The big censorship is coming down on James O’Keefe, because they do not want him doing any of this brand of investigative journalism. The secret recordings and leaks and so on are very Jewish tactics that he is using against Jews, and that has to be shut down.

The initial incident of Pinterest censoring Shapiro is amazing. But it’s an outlier which is less connected than the big three of Google, Twitter and Facebook. I know there is a flag on Ben Shapiro, that these companies know they’re not supposed to censor him. But the way it was done – they added him and various Christians and anti-abortion activists to a banned list that was intended to block pornography – was very secretive and underhanded, unlike the mass bans coming from the big three, suggesting that Pinterest went rogue.

However, what I will say is that the timetable has been rapidly sped-up, and they are trying to get absolutely everyone who supports Trump off of social media before 2020.

Maybe they’ll move too quickly and there will be a backlash.

But what actually is a “backlash” in this case?

What ability does anyone in this society have to do anything at all?

We already voted for Trump. We have voiced our discontent with the status quo in the strongest terms available, and that has been completely disregarded, with Trump’s presidency becoming something like the opposite of what he ran on.

“Democracy” is a system wherein the people lack any input at all on what the government does – or in the case of protecting the First Amendment, what the government doesn’t do.

What further recourse do we actually have? 

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