BETRAYAL! Michelle Obama Refuses to Back Up Joe Biden!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2019

Joe Biden sucked up to Barack and Michelle Obama for 8 years and he got absolutely nothing out of it.

Poor guy.

ABC News:

Six Democratic presidential candidates took the stage at the Essence Festival on Saturday, but it was a former inhabitant of the White House who got a rock star’s welcome — regardless of her tendency to deflect questions on the 2020 election.

Former first lady Michelle Obama refused to comment on the Kamala Harris-Joe Biden “dust up,” as moderator Gayle King called it, Saturday night, but Obama did reiterate a lot of her opinions surrounding the current political climate with a lot of color and to a lot of applause.

Biden, President Barack Obama’s vice president, apologized for the first time Saturday for comments he made weeks ago about working with segregationists in Congress during the 1970s. 

The Kamala-Biden showdown is where all eyes should be right now.

Kamala Harris was the favorite at the beginning of this race, but because of her craziness and the bad juju vibes that the DNC got from her, her run made them panic and activate Uncle Joe to represent the Normal People who are left in the Democratic party, as well as moderates who might be convinced to vote for a familiar old huwhyte face.

But, as predicted, Biden is starting to flail and flounder because he’s too old to be properly PC. Hard as he may try, he just can’t help but say and do racist things, even though he, of course, doesn’t think he is a racist.

In a weird way, Joe Biden really is the candidate that represents most huwhyte people in America. Desperate to be liked by minorities, not really standing for or caring about anything, wrapped in faux-patriotism and about to be put out to pasture.

Short of some last-minute DNC-wrangling, he’s not going to make it through the primaries.

I say this, but it seems that Michelle Obama and others are not aware of this reality just yet. Or, they’re probably holding out because they’re not too fond of either Biden or Harris so they’d rather keep their powder dry and endorse someone later on in the race.

Besides, right now, all the guns are pointed at Biden. 

This is how the primaries work, by the way. A candidate gets the spotlight shown on them through favorable coverage and some fake ra-ra-ra reporting on how they’ve got what it takes to secure the nomination or more broadly, how they would make a good president.

Most of this is astroturfed, but still, the wonks gauge the base’s reaction and start crunching the numbers. Then, they subject the candidate of the moment to a withering bombardment from all sides to see if they can survive it. Regardless of the outcome, they then move on to the next candidate to repeat the process. This is good for the media because they get the juicy headlines and it’s good for the party because it keeps voters interested – everyone loves seeing politicians squabble and have their skeletons exposed for the world to see. This happens in the Republican primaries as well. Remember, there was a time when Ben Carson was surging ahead of the pack and paid TV pundits were talking with straight faces about how he had a serious shot at securing the nomination.

Those were the days…

Most of these candidates are just not going to be able to survive the dip, so we can just rule them out right now. But in the meantime, a Michelle and Barack Obama endorsement – or at least a little bit of love, some statement that no, he isn’t really a racist – would be some very good news for Senile Joe right about now.