Better Than Football! White THOTs Punted Around By Negro Felon League Ape-man

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2018

I assume that all the THOTs involved in the production of this TMZ drama were indeed harmed in the filming of the following scenes.


TMZ Sports has obtained video of Kansas City Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt shoving, bull-rushing and kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel back in February.

In the video, Hunt is seen arguing with a 19-year-old woman outside of his room at The Metropolitan at the 9 at 3:22 AM on February 10, 2018.

Hunt turns a corner and confronts the woman, shoving her hard. The woman strikes him back in the face … and that’s when Hunt goes berserk.

As friends try to hold him back, the 2017 Pro Bowler — who led the league in rushing yards — explodes and knocks one of his friends into the woman … who both go flying into a wall.

Both Kareem’s male friend and the woman appear dazed — but Kareem makes his way over to the female and kicks her while she’s crouching on the ground … knocking her over.

Police were called to the scene but no arrests were made. According to police reports, obtained by TMZ Sports, surveillance video from the hotel was obtained by law enforcement. We’re told that video is part of the evidence that was submitted to prosecutors.

That’s interesting. 

So the cops aren’t too alarmed by this.

Kareem’s friends told cops the woman had gone crazy when asked to leave and called Kareem the n-word … and then struck one of Kareem’s female friends once things turned physical.

Ah, well it was self-defense then. Case closed.

I don’t think the feminists will jump to defend these White THOTs either. And the NFL wants to bury this story, to keep their man in the game for a little while longer. And the mainstream media? Seems like they won’t side with a white woman over a black man anymore.

That leaves only Daily Stormer-approved White Supremacist tabloids like TMZ that are still willing to report the gossip that the Jew-controlled media refuses to cover!

And they do it for us… the people. 

Frankly, I am shocked by how aggressive the THOTs in the video are. They clearly were used to White men putting up with their shit (probably because of the aforementioned cops, courts, and activist groups) and were shocked at the ensuing chimp out.


Like, I’m not saying that we should bring back white honor killings… but we should probably bring back white honor killings.

Still, it’s not all bad. 

I think this latest negro chimp out could be an instructional experience for all the roasties out there. Your days are numbered. 

You’re all between a rock and a hard place, if you think about it.

The way I see it, the future looks bleak for all of you. 

You’ve got niggers using your faces for punting practice to look forward to.