Beware of Armed Teachers! Controversial Warning Signs Erected in Bid to Deter School Shooters

Sara Smyth
Daily Mail
August 23, 2013


A group of Arkansas teachers will carry firearms when the school term resumes this September, in an attempt to deter gunmen who target schools.

The decision to train and arm staff at Arkansas Christian Academy was made public when a new safety sign was posted in front of the school.

It reads:‘Staff is armed and trained. Any attempt to harm children will be met with deadly force.’

According to ArkansasMatters staff from the private school in Bryant have been trained in firearm safety and will carry guns during the school day.

The school’s controversial policy comes just weeks after Attorney General Dustin McDaniel rejected plans to arm staff in Arkansas’ public schools.

He said a state board doesn’t have the authority to allow districts to employ their teachers and staff as security guards.

However, legislation does allow private schools run by a church to arm its staff.

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