Beyonce to Perform Anti-White Song at Super Bowl Halftime Show

Saboteur 365
February 7, 2016


Taking a wild guess, I’d suppose that 100 million Americans will be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday. I will be among the 200 million that won’t be watching.

If not for the presence of Peyton Manning, the Super Bowl would be the perfect spectacle of Negro worship. It really is worship, the new secular religion. Our big dumb Negros battling against your big dumb Negros makes for quite a scene. One that holds no interest for me.

But what I find a thousand times more offensive are the Satanic half time shows that the NFL puts on. From “nipple slips” to images of Baphomet, the NFL has sold its soul, if it ever had one, to Satan.

Beyonce is scheduled to perform the song Formation at the game:

The video was published February 6, 2016, and already has over 3 million views. I haven’t watched since I prefer not to up the number of views. The youtube comments by blacks are hilariously hateful and racist towards whites. Blacks view Beyonce and quarterback Cam Newton dominating the Super Bowl as proof of black supremacy.



Age will probably catch up to Peyton Manning at the big game, which will be forgotten a week after it’s over. But during the game, emotions will be running high, I suspect. Blacks will be going ape (pun intended) over Cam Newton.

And at halftime, expect this:


A day ahead of her anticipated return to the Super Bowl halftime show stage, Beyonce has released new single “Formation” along with an accompanying music video.

Set in New Orleans, the clip features shots of Bey lying on top of a sinking New Orleans police cruiser as well as a graffiti’d wall that says, “Stop shooting us.” There’s also a scene of a black child in a hoodie dancing in front of a line of police officers in riot gear. At one point a man holds up a newspaper called “The Truth” with an image of Martin Luther King Jr. on the front page captioned, “More than a dreamer.” Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce’s daughter, also appears in the video.

Beyonce will join Coldplay and Bruno Mars in the Super Bowl 50 halftime show on Sunday afternoon on CBS, during which “Formation” will make its live debut, according to Entertainment Tonight. She also headlined the show in 2013. Last week, she and Coldplay released a video for their collaboration “Hymn for the Weekend,” which has since been accused of cultural misappropriation for its portrayal of India.

As the leftists lose control of the narrative, the attempts to politicize everything are becoming ever more desperate. Who would have thought that football would be anything but a game? But football delivers eyeballs of the zombies who will drink in the message of black superiority, so the owners (many Jews among them) have politicized it.

And the zombies will arise and love it.