Biden and Harris Polling in Front. And Biden Can’t Possibly Win the Primaries.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 29, 2019

I’ve been saying for months that the odds are on Kamala.

I don’t make hard predictions, because people who do that are basically gamblers with their own reputations, and I don’t like that concept.

However, if I was going to gamble at an online casino – and I am doing that – I would be putting money on Kamala – which I am doing.


Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris are the two Democratic candidates leading the large field of potential 2020 challengers to President Donald Trump, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

However, a majority of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters remain undecided about which candidate they want as their party’s nominee to take on Trump, whom a majority will “definitely not vote for” if he’s up for re-election, the Post-ABC poll out Tuesday showed.

When asked the open-ended question of whom they’d support in a primary or caucus today, Biden, who has not yet announced whether he’s running in 2020, was the person most named by 9% of Democratic-leaning voters. Harris, a Democratic senator from California, was named by 8%.

Forty-three percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters said they have no opinion. Another 7% said no one or none of the current candidates, 4% said anyone, and 1% said someone new.

Of course, at this stage in the game we’re just talking about name recognition. But I don’t really see it changing that much. Who else is there?

Biden has all kinds of old white male baggage.

They can dig up all sorts of video of him talking about illegal immigration.

And gays and every other thing.

He’s just too old to be woke, and he will get ripped apart by the wokest.

Kamala perfectly rides the line between being woke and being a complete Jew shill.

I almost don’t want her to be the candidate because she won’t be a challenge for Trump and won’t make him feel like he has to do anything. But I think she will be.

This is if Gavin Newsom doesn’t ride in on a dark horse as the great white hope.

These stupid whores that vote Democrat cannot resist the tingles.

Newsom would present an actual challenge, and might force Trump to up his game by actually doing something.


At all.