Bill Maher Points Out That Obama Isn’t Woke Enough for 2020 Lunatics

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2019

Bill Maher is at least a little bit funny. And from a leftist point, he’s actually kinda smart.


On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher criticized Democratic presidential candidates for their attacks on President Obama during their debates. Maher mocked the notion that Obama, a person who is still hugely popular among Democrats, “is not woke enough” and suggested this would help President Trump win re-election.

Maher said, “The Democratic candidates went after the president hard. Unfortunately, the president was Obama. … The guy with the 97% approval rating among the Democrats, his shit is not woke enough now. Trump saw that, he called Putin. He said, I got this one.”

He also pointed out what I pointed out – that Joe Biden is senile and invited people to visit his phone number.

What Maher is saying is similar to what Michael Moore is saying. These people have been driven over the edge into this absolutely unhinged swamp of kook-left extremism. And the only candidate who doesn’t represent that extremism – Joe Biden – is an extremely flawed candidate.

But I have come to the tentative conclusion that the Democrats are benefiting so much from Trump being president – they are able to push their narrative so far – that they are throwing the election.

They don’t want to win, they just want to use the opportunity of the election to push the narrative further. And they will use Trump’s second term to push the narrative further. And by 2024, they think America will be ready for an absolute extremist, having been propagandized into being comfortable with that for a solid either years, using he evil orange man as the reason it is necessary.

I do think Trump is going to win, and I’m okay with that.

Hopefully, it creates a situation where Tucker can win in 2024. If it doesn’t create that situation, and we’re looking at one of these extremists in 2024, then at least we would have had four more years to prepare for the ultimate crackdown.