Billionaire Woman Says “Society is Spoiling Men” Because Women “Have More Duties Than Men”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2019

Anna Bey

Equality was a trick to get women to do all of the work while men sit back, relax, and eat some grapes like some kind of Roman emperor.

Some women are starting to wake up to that fact.

Daily Mail:

Billionaire matchmaker Anna Bey teaches women how to date rich men and create sophisticated impressions in upscale social circles.

The London-based etiquette expert, 33, explained why she never pays for a man on a date under any circumstance, saying that women already shoulder the burden of raising children and running the household.

The Swedish-born founder of the School of Affluence also pointed out that women spend significant sums on maintaining their appearance, and expressed a wish for society to return to traditional gender roles.

Viewers flocked to the comment section in support of Ms Bey’s controversial views, with the vast majority echoing her criticism of modern feminism.

Ms Bey began by explaining her stance on feminism and her belief that it no longer serves the needs of women.

I am a traditional feminist who believes that the man has a role, and is not currently fulfilling his role in society,’ she in her latest YouTube tutorial.

We agree on that. The men of today are not really doing men’s stuff.

I believe that feminism has started to take a direction that is no longer beneficial for women.

Society is spoiling men – so what’s happening now is instead of men [taking weight off] the shoulders of women, women are now offloading men.’

The data shows that the opposite is true.


Men are literally paying women to exist.

Ms Bey listed the many roles women are expected to fulfill in modern life, including raising children, managing the household, looking desirable and being financially independent.

‘Don’t forget women have a lot of duties, much more duties than men have,’ she said.

What’s happening is that women are taking 50 percent of the financial load in the household or relationship, although women have much more expenses than men, much more responsibility than men and many more hats to carry than men.

Yes, Ms. Bey, all women — everywhere — contribute half of the household income, with no exceptions. We have achieved Equality Utopia.

Ladies, you know that we are responsible for many more things for biological reasons.

Our brain is wired in a more complex way in terms of things that we intuitively think about – it has to do with children, with nurturing and building relationships and so on.

Men don’t have the same capacity to think along those lines the way women do.’

Ms Bey rubbished claims that men now participate equally in child rearing and household management, glibly declaring: ‘We all know that isn’t true.’

She said it’s a matter of biology that women are hardwired to multitask while men struggle with juggling priorities.

We all know that even though a man is trying his hardest to pull as much load as a woman does, they are still very simple-minded and very “what’s happening right here right now”, but a woman doesn’t have that,’ she said.

‘She is built differently and this is what’s so unfair, that she has to carry so many different burdens, so many different hats.

‘She has to have many roles now in society, at home, at work, in the relationship and so on, while the man is very comfortable, he’s sorted! He is just doing one thing at a time.

The man only has one role and that is going to work.’

Yeah, men should feel bad about letting women fight all the wars and build all the tech and create civilization and stuff.

We get to enjoy all of it without ever having lifted a finger.

‘And then after work, he eats his food that his woman has cooked for him, or he goes and does things while the woman is doing everything that she’s obliged to do.

‘So for this reason, ladies, society is very unfair towards women. I do not call this fair feminism at all.

That’s why I’m a traditional feminist, because I know that back in the day, although there was a lot of things that were not in favour of women, the man was the provider and the woman didn’t have to stress about working or not.’

Viewers overwhelmingly agreed with Ms Bey, with one woman declaring that too many men are spoiled by modern society.

‘This is so true, men are so spoiled thinking that a woman is going to do everything for them, and pay half, while still carrying a lot on her shoulders,’ one woman wrote.

‘If you want to be equal with me then you better be ready to do half the chores, if not than you either provide and I take care, or this relationship is not working out.’

This woman is a genius.

Women are averse to responsibility, so if they wanted to go back to how things were before the empowerment insanity, they wouldn’t say “hey we messed up, forgive us.”

This is how they’d do it.

They’d literally blame men and demand a return to previous gender dynamics because men are just too dumb and not up for the challenge.

I applaud this initiative. It is a good sign. All women should be told that the current deal is a very bad deal because men are not doing what they’re supposed to do.

After all, if women stayed home, men wouldn’t be able to hide that they’re not really doing anything productive because they’d be the only ones at the workplace.

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