Birthrates Hit 80-Year Low in England and Wales: Only 11 Out of 1,000 Women Had Kids Last Year

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2019

It gets worse when you consider that there is no mention of birthrates by demographics here

Examples of the results produced by the Hedonism disease affecting our society include people being obsessed with sex yet having no babies and slowly fading away, and people being obsessed with food yet not being nourished and slowly ballooning away.

Daily Mail:

Birth rates have hit a historic low amid falling fertility rates, an ageing population and increasing numbers of women leaving it until later in life to have children.

There were just over 11 babies born for every 1,000 people in England and Wales last year – the lowest level since birth rates were first recorded 80 years ago.

In total 657,076 children were born – down 3.2 per cent on a year earlier and nearly ten per cent on 2012.

The Office for National Statistics said falling fertility rates were mainly responsible for the fall, but said difficulties conceiving among couples who choose to delay having families was also a major factor.

It said ‘women are progressively delaying childbearing to older ages’ and are now most likely to have children in their 30s.

This is because women are more likely to go to university and delay marriage while they pursue their careers.

Translation: “Women are spending their fertile years having sterile sex with random strangers, then freak out when they notice they’re old and men are no longer interested in them.”

Our culture literally tells women in their fertile years that they should not get pregnant because it would ruin their lives. Women are told that they should study made-up Jewish stories in high school and then go to college to have fun being sluts because dicks are like ice cream and they have to taste all of the flavors in order to figure out which one they like the most.

It doesn’t work out for them.

By the time they figure out which flavor of dick they like the most, the ice cream man refuses to sell them any more ice cream because they’ve turned into old hags that no self-respecting ice cream man would want to do business with.

The news of record low birth rates comes in a week in which Prince Harry announced he and Meghan plan to have no more than two children in order to ease over-population and ‘leave something better behind for the next generation’.

It was a decision which met with huge public support – with a YouGov poll finding 53 per cent agreed with the stance – suggesting many families may be opting for the ‘environmentally friendly’ number.

They’re always going on about this “overpopulation” stuff in the least populated countries on the planet, which coincidentally house the most useful people on the planet.

Things we’re told nowadays:

  • Immigration is good for the economy because people are not having kids and we need workers
  • People are not having kids because kids are boring
  • People shouldn’t have kids because kids are bad for the planet
  • The world is overpopulated
  • We have to fight overpopulation
  • White countries don’t have enough people to work the jobs and the elderly will suffer
  • Immigrants are good for the country because they work and have lots of kids that will work on the economy
  • Having lots of kids is not friendly for the environment
  • We have to leave something better for the next generation

It sounds pretty schizophrenic until you put on your Nazi goggles and realize that the goal is white genocide.

Kathryn Littleboy, of the ONS, said: ‘Our analysis paints a picture of decreases and some record lows.

‘The birth rate was the lowest ever recorded, when births are measured as a proportion of the total population.’

She added that the number of children an average woman can expect to have in her lifetime has also reached near- unprecedented lows.

The ONS said women have been more likely to have babies in their early 30s than in their late 20s since 2004.

It listed reasons for postponing having a family as ‘greater participation in higher education’, ‘delaying marriage and partnership formation’, ‘wanting to have a longer working career before starting a family’ and ‘labour market uncertainty and the threat of unemployment’.

The system itself is set up to keep women from motherhood. It is set up to keep women from being women.

Letting women into the workforce was a Jewish triple-win plot:

  1. They got cheaper labor by doubling the supply of workers, halving the value of labor and making goyim husband and wife both have to work in order to earn the same amount that was previously paid to the husband alone
  2. AND they got to keep the goyim from reproducing
  3. AND they got to use goyim women in their fertile years for Jewish sex ritual magic

Oh, also, they got to feed Moloch all of the aborted babies too, so I guess that’s actually four wins.