Black Bastard Al Sharpton Sued by Trucker He Swindled Out of $16,000

Daily Stormer
July 18, 2016


Al never imagined there could be consequences for stealing 16 grand.

The tireless Black activist and paragon of virtue Al Sharpton is up to his hijinks once more.

The Daily Mail:

Civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton has been accused of swindling an Arizona trucker out of $16,000 after he agreed to take on his discrimination case, according to a lawsuit.

Reggie Anders Sr. is suing the outspoken preacher after he claims Sharpton took no action in his discrimination dispute with Verizon, the New York Post reports.

Anders claims that he agreed to pay Sharpton $16,000 – in cash – in exchange for him publicizing the dispute in the media and on his weekly radio broadcast, as well as setting up mediation meetings with the communications giant.


Give the man a break! He’s just a confused Negro. He probably just forgot. He was busy swimming in $16,000 in CASH, after all.

LOL, paying someone 16 thousand dollars in cash is such a Black thing to do. Right up there with selling loose cigarettes by the road side or getting golden rims for their Ford focus.

It was only later he read a report in the New York Post claiming that the preacher, and his National Action Network (NAN), received thousands of dollars in donations from Verizon and other large corporations in what the newspaper alleged what ‘protection money’.

Firms that didn’t pay up were threatened with bad press or boycotts, it reported last year.

wtf am i seeing

Is this nigga serious?

So Al Sharpton is not only running a weird mafia-style protection racket, where those who don’t pay get mired in Negro whining, but he also steals money from his fellow Blacks instead of helping them out.

What a scumbag.

black pimp

Al Sharpton is just a hoaxer, stealing everyone’s money to pimp his ride with sick rims and get gold encrusted hats.

These sorts of scandals are really good for us, obviously. They expose the true nature of these Black public figures who build a career out of shaming Whites. What do you think happens, at a psychological level, when our people see that these Negroes are just criminal scum?

They lose their guilt, and learn to hate instead.

We’re getting shot and raped left and right by these Blacks, and told that they’re our victims. This whole notion is a house of cards, and this evidence of Negro dysfunction is the bellowing wind needed to blow it away.