Black Boy Arrested for Posting a Video Online of Himself Pointing a Gun at Fellow Students!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2019

Why is this not an international news story?


A 16-year-old former McArthur High School student has been arrested after posting a disturbing video and picture with a threatening caption on social media.

Hollywood Police arrested Wilmer Guerrero Martinez on Wednesday after a video showing a person pulling out a gun in a classroom and pointing it at students was uploaded to his social media account.

The post was also followed by a picture with text reading in part “Everyone happy to go back to school and I’m debating on whether I should carry my pistol with me like last year.”

Multiple people alerted authorities of the threatening posts on Martinez’s account on Tuesday night.

“It’s disturbing. It’s frightening, especially during the first week of school,” said Hollywood Police Public Information Officer Miranda Grossman.

Police believe the video may have been taken during the 2017-18 school year.

7News cameras captured Martinez walking into the Juvenile Assessment Center.

“Because of the courage of citizens to call the police, along with our proactive policing enforcement of the MSDHS Public Safety Act, we were able to take him into custody and stop a potentially dangerous situation,” said Hollywood Police Chief Chris O’Brien.

Martinez had been expelled from McArthur High School in 2018 after he brought ammunition into the school.

“Officers are very vigilant and taking security very seriously. They took this incident very seriously and now he’s being charged with a felony,” said Grossman.

He faces a felony charge of electronic threat to kill.

This man was obviously radicalized on 8chan, and is a white supremacist.

There is no other reason he would be planning to kill people.

He was possibly personally trained by the neo-Nazi leader of the 8chan radical terrorist squad.

The NRA must suffer for his crimes.

It’s time to impeach Donald Trump.

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