Black Coach Who Tortured White Cheerleader in Viral Video will Not be Charged

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2017

Remember this?


No charges.

Let’s play our favorite game: what if the races were reversed?

What if a white coach had tortured a black girl, with the help of white students, and it went viral on YouTube?

Would the media response be different?

Would the response of the courts be different?

If it would be different, how so?

Fox News:

The high school cheerleading coach who forced his students into splits will not be charged with a crime, the Denver prosecutor said.

A number of officials at East High School in Denver came under fire in August when a disturbing video circulated showing cheerleaders repeatedly being pushed into splits.

An incoming high school freshman screamed in pain and asked the coach, Ozell Williams, to “please stop” in one video. Her morther said she suffered injuries to her leg from the forced exercise.

Ozell b gud boi.

Dindu nuffin.

The leaked video caused a public uproar. The school’s principal retired and the athletic director resigned after the video was leaked; Williams was fired.

District Attorney Beth McCann said in a statement Saturday that there was not sufficient evidence to warrant any charges after a police investigation.

McCann did say that the coaching technique “has no place in high school cheerleading coaching” but the coach’s “bad judgment” doesn’t constitute a prosecutable crime.

Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg thanked the DA’s office for investigating the case, but asked the media to stop sharing the videos of the controversial cheer practice, the Denver Post reported.

Goyim, I…

Tom Boasberg

Shut it down, goyim.

Just shut it down.

It’s racism, to show this video.