Black Debater at Harvard Openly Calls for Genocide of the White Race

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2016

As I often say, satire is dead. Because reality itself has become so ridiculous that it is impossible to ridicule.

Case in point: at a recent debate session at Harvard, Black debaters openly called for the genocide of the White race, saying that “White lives are violence against Blacks” and “honoring Black lives means that White death has to occur.”

How insane is it that people this primitive are at American universities? We are expected to believe these people are passing calculus? I would be shocked if either of the coloreds in this video could even read at a 3rd grade level.

This debate about whether white people should be exterminated was held at Harvard University.The pro-genocide team, Damiyr Davis and Miguel Felician, is from the University of West Georgia.

The topic of the debate was supposed to be renewable energy — not race. The black debaters simply *chose* to bring up their opponents’ race and demand that whites kill themselves. The black debaters expressly stated that these were their *sincere beliefs*, not just an argument to win a debate.

Black students at every major university in the country, including Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins, have joined the “Black Liberation Collective” which endorses the murder of whites in a manifesto called “On Violence.” http://www.blackliberationcollective….

Amazingly, the University of West Georgia brags about these two anti-white debaters on its website. The duo’s passionate advocacy of white extermination has made them No. 2 in the country!

White genocide is even being taught to high-school students. One of the anti-white debaters, Miguel Feliciano works as an instructor at Coppin State University’s Eddie Conway Liberation Institute, run by Professor Shanara Reid-Brinkley of the University of Pittsburg. Young black students are indoctrinated in the same anti-white ideology displayed in this debate.

The original, unedited recording of the debate at Harvard is available here:

Note that the “Black” debater making these statements is in fact a mixed-race Mulatto. That must be difficult for him, planning to exterminate his own mama. Or maybe daddy already killed her.

Watch him do this hyper-ventilation bit – this is their new technique. It is a means to signal to the White guilt crowd that they are so overwhelmed by the oppression that they can’t even breathe. The famous Black debate winners last year also used this technique.

Black people are so absolutely pathetic. They cannot live with the jealousy, and so must plot to exterminate us so as they are not forced to realize how much lower they are.

And so many Whites – like those in this video – are willing to engage them, to try and justify their existence to them.

Well, friends: it is the Blacks that need to justify their existence. They offer absolutely zero of value to our society. They demand they be given everything for free. They demand to take over and destroy all of our institutions. Then they try to exterminate us.

It’s time to stand up and say “no.”