Black Demon Gets Misdemeanor Charge for Turning White Man Into Braindead Vegetable

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2018

Charles Miles.

Yes, the negro gave his victim a fate worse than death, but he didn’t intend to give him a fate worse than death.

So why persecute him so?

Shit just happens, you know?


An Ulster County mother is fighting for justice after her son was nearly killed in an assault that led to only a misdemeanor charge against the suspect.

Donna Augustine visits her quadriplegic son in the hospital every day since he was assaulted back in May.

Steven Augustine, a father of two, was walking home from work late at night when he was attacked near a Kingston bakery. The beating left him paralyzed and on a ventilator.

“He doesn’t know us,” Donna Augustine said in an exclusive interview with 7 On Your Side Investigates. “He doesn’t respond to anything. Basically, he is missing the whole left side of his brain.”

She reached out to 7 On Your Side after the assault led only to a misdemeanor charge against Charles Miles, who is now serving a 10-month sentence. Miles has past drug convictions and reportedly got into a fight with Steven Augustine over money.

Ulster County District Attorney Holley Carnright says that since Miles did not intend to cause serious physical harm to Augustine, his office could not bring felony assault charges against him.

Steven Augustine.