Black Dude Yells “Y’ALL GON’ HAV TA KEEL ME NIGGAS” – Gets Shot to Death

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2018

So you’re a nagger being suspicious.

People notice your suspicousness and call the police.

Instead of politely leaving and coming back later to do your niggardly deeds, you tell the police to kill you and rush them.

Absolutely racist cops.

Daily Mail:

Prosecutors say a New Jersey police officer who discharged a weapon during a confrontation that ended with the shooting death of a man has been placed on administrative leave.

The Cumberland County prosecutor’s office said Monday that one Vineland officer fired during Saturday’s confrontation that ended with the death of 37-year-old Rashaun Washington of Bridgeton.

Prosecutors said the officer was placed on paid administrative leave by Vineland’s police chief per departmental policy.

Officers were dispatched shortly before 11:30am Saturday after a report of an unknown man acting suspiciously on the front porch of a residence.

Neighbor Jose Pagan told CBS Philadelphia that Washington did not appear to know anyone at the residence, and would not surrender to cops, telling them ‘ya’ll gone have to kill me.’

Witnesses took live video of the incident on Facebook, which showed a shirtless man pacing in the front yard of a home before running towards officers with their guns drawn. Three shots were then heard.