Black Kenyan Diplomat Charged with Keeping Slave in New York

Daily Stormer
January 25, 2014

Kenyan diplomat Stella Kerubo Orina reportedly enslaved her maid.
Kenyan diplomat Stella Kerubo Orina: A fine example of a domesticated black?

Kenyan diplomat Stella Kerubo Orina reportedly enslaved her maid.

She also accused her of sleeping with her husband, in order to take her passport from her. This is one of the traditional ways of earning an income in Africa (besides slavery) – accuse someone of sleeping with your husband/wife, and then demand something from them as compensation.

From the NY Post:

Beatrice Oluoch first began working for Stella Korubo Orina in their native Kenya before her boss brought her to America when she landed a gig at the UN in 2006, court papers state.

Orina soon began demanding 13-hours workdays and paid Oluoch only $150 a month for all household duties, court papers say.

The diplomat then allegedly accused Oluoch of sleeping with her husband and demanded her passport to block her escape from their Queens residence.

Oluoch, who left in 2007, is suing for enslavement, fraud, and other civil-rights violations.


The suit comes a month after an Indian diplomat was charged with paying her full-time baby sitter just a few dollars an hour and lying on a visa application.

The slaver has now vanished into Kenya, and is very unlikely to answer for her crimes.