Black Man Releases Big White Rat in McDonald’s to Save People From Obesity

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2019


Gepostet von Fe Bugout am Samstag, 9. Februar 2019

If the man would’ve showed them a bomb instead, people would’ve been calmer. Everyone really hates rats, huh?

New York Post:

Stomach-churning video shows a man letting a large rat loose in a New Jersey McDonald’s — and diners not lovin’ it.

The 42-second footage posted on Facebook last week by the account Fe Bugout shows a man entering the fast food eatery in downtown Newark carrying an overweight white rat in a clear case, trailed by a young boy.

Did you see how people got up and left? Do you know of anything more effective at making them stop eating fast “food”?

This could be the solution to America’s obesity epidemic, which would make this unnamed black man some kind of… noble health pioneer. Yes, this could work. Randomly release rats in McDonald’s to create some kind of fast-food terrorism that would make people scared of even setting foot on one of those places.

“Let me hold it!” the child begs.

But the man has another idea — and soon lets the critter out of the case.

Chaos swiftly ensues as diners realize the monstrous rodent has been let loose and try to escape.

I don’t think the chaos was due to people fearing the rat may have been infected with some nasty disease. People just hate rodents, really.

Notice how no one in the video named the rat, because that would be ratophobic. The only thing they could do was run away without even trying to confront it.

That’s no way to run a society.

We have to confront rodents.

We also have to stop black people from entering buildings without going thorough security checks. At least until after we’ve confronted all rats, because by that time we’ll just stop black people from entering any of our cities altogether. They wouldn’t even be able to try because they’d all be getting shipped back to Africa.

These apes, man. You just can’t relax around them.