Black Monster Who Smothered and Stabbed 99-Year-Old White Woman to Death Gets 50 Year Sentence

Poughkeepsie Journal
November 23, 2014

Fannie Gumbinger was smothered to death by the Black monster so that he could steal $20 from her.

The man who broke into a 99-year-old City of Poughkeepsie woman’s apartment and then smothered her to death is headed to prison for at least the next half-century.

Javon Rogers, 21, of Poughkeepsie was sentenced to 50 years to life by Dutchess County Court Judge Stephen Greller on Tuesday.

In September, Rogers entered guilty pleas to first-degree murder, two counts of second-degree burglary and one count of third-degree burglary.

He will not be eligible to seek parole for at least 46 1/2 years.

As part of his plea agreement, Rogers also forfeited his right to appeal.

“I don’t believe,” Senior Assistant District Attorney Matthew Weishaupt said, “this person should ever walk as a free man in society again. I think he would be a danger to whatever community he was in.”

Weishaupt said his comments during the sentencing will follow Rogers and be made part of his prison record so that if he does seek parole, they will be weighed as part of that process.

Javon Rogers has been sentenced to 50 years for his atrocious crime.

On Aug. 20, 2013, Rogers was looking for a place to burglarize when he broke into what he thought was an unoccupied residence at 22 Underhill Ave.

After taking some money in the kitchen, he walked into a bedroom and surprised Fannie Gumbinger in bed. Gumbinger told him to get out of her house and started to scream, authorities said.

Rogers smothered her with a pillow and stabbed and cut her throat with a knife. He then took liquor, jewelry and $20 in cash from her home.

Rogers also was convicted of committing burglaries on Loockerman Avenue and North Water Street.

“I would like to extend our appreciation to the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department for the extraordinary and difficult work they did in this case,” Weishaupt said. “I believe that by taking this person off the street, we have made the community here somewhat safer because this individual clearly posed a threat.”

During the sentencing, Rogers was asked if he’d like to comment.

“I don’t care what any of you say,” he said, before uttering a sexually explicit comment.