Black NFL Analyst Darren Sharper Charged with Two Rapes

Daily Stormer
January 18, 2014

"Bitch best be lernin bout muh dik." -Darren Sharper dating advice
“Bitch bess be lernin bout muh dik.” -Darren Sharper dating advice

Black NFL player turned analyst Darren Sharper has been charged with two rapes.

From PFT:

TMZ has reported, and PFT has confirmed, that Sharper faces criminal charges in California for suspicion of rape.

Per TMZ, Sharper is accused of two sexual assaults, one in October 2013 and another in January 2014.  He was released on $200,000 bail.

Sharper has been working as an analyst for NFL Network.  The league-owned broadcast operation has not responded to an email seeking comment.

Once again, we see that fame and fortune does not alter the basic animal nature of the black.  Even when he has the money and status to get the women he desires to go with him willingly, he will still choose to rape, as this is his natural, in-born understanding of human mating – a man forcing himself on a woman.

Just as African folk songs influenced black gospel music, the African practice of mating by force deeply influences their present obsession with rape.

This is an evolutionary behavior pattern, which would be fully backed up by any sort of objective scientific inquiry – which is exactly why no form of scientific inquiry is allowed into this topic, and we are instead told the ridiculous and obviously unscientific lie that “race is skin color.”