Black on Reddit Talks About His Plan to Exterminate Whites

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

January 12, 2014

Recently, I wrote a piece examining the writings of a black female blogger expressing her hatred of Whites. It appears that we have another case of a black who has learned to write and use the internet showing us what they really think.

This comes from an Afrocentric Reddit.

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I have no idea if this is satire. It reads like it might be, as I don’t know many blacks who can write like a normal person, but something tells me it probably isn’t.

These people hate us, and unlike Whites, they aren’t afraid to state their real opinions.  And I would argue that basically all of them think like this, especially the women (I would not be surprised if the above was written by a black woman, they seem to be generally smarter than the men).

Of course, we might, as Whites, sit around and talk about how we would like to get the blacks out of our cities.  But we would not talk about a plan to kill them all.  At least I don’t know anyone who would.  Generally, when I talk about removing the blacks, I talk about giving them money and either sending them back to Africa or giving them a portion of the US to live in.

But this is very different in another way as well.  When we Whites talk about getting rid of the blacks, we are talking about making the society function better.  If blacks were ever able to get rid of Whites, society would stop functioning completely, and descend into complete hell.  Absolutely everything in this country was built by Whites, and the only thing a black ever invented was peanut butter.   An all black America would be like Zimbabwe, only without all of the foreign aid from White countries (or maybe after these blacks kill us all off, they are planning on asking Whites in Europe to feed them?  Sweden might take them up on it).

These glaces into the minds of blacks are highly useful, as they should go a long way into absolving anyone here of any remaining “White guilt” they may harbor.

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