Black Panthers Rally For Trayvon Martin Brings Only Three People

The Inquisitr
July 19, 2013


A Black Panthers rally for Trayvon Martin drew a “crowd” of only three people.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Black Panthers bounty for George Zimmerman resurfaced recently.

The New Black Panther Party’s bounty is a $10,000 reward for a “dead or alive” capture of George Zimmerman:

“We’re going to force our government to do their job properly, and if they don’t we will. We’re saying to President Obama, you gotta do your job on this one buddy… So white America, we have given you 400 years to get it right and you still have failed black people. We’re not even citizens in this country. We’re still third class citizens. Today as black men, we must stand up. We must say to white America, ‘Your time is up.’”

The New Black Panther party also set up camp near the George Edgecomb Courthouse courthouse in Tampa to organize a Justice For Trayvon Martin rally. The New Black Panthers feel the judicial system is broken and the George Zimmerman trial was really about racial equality under the law.

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