Black Serial Killer Killed Seven Women is Sentenced to Life

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2018

Most of these women were hookers.

What kind of a man kills a hooker? 


Darren Vann, who pleaded guilty to killing seven women, was sentenced to life in prison Friday.

The loved ones of some of Vann’s victims were in the courtroom for the sentencing.

“What you did is something a monster without a heart and soul would do,” said Marvin Clinton.

They are the words Clinton didn’t get a chance to say to Vann during the sentencing hearing for the Gary man who confessed to murdering seven women, including Clinton’s fiancée and mother of his now 6-year-old son, 29-year-old Tearia Batey.

“These ladies had faces. They had families,” Clinton said.

Vann didn’t hear Clinton’s victim’s impact statement or face the family and friends of his victims, choosing to waive his right to appear for his own sentencing.

In court, under a plea agreement, Judge Samuel Cappas sentenced the 47 year old to seven concurrent life sentences without parole, saying “I can’t image the pain and suffering of the victims’ families. There’s nothing I can say. I only hope this resolution will bring some closure.”

Under the plea agreement, Vann avoids the death penalty.

“He’s a prolific serial killer that touched the lives of many individuals,” said Lake County (Ind.) Prosecutor Bernard Carter.

Some of the women were white.