Black Soldier Who Served at Chernobyl Found! Russia Officially No Longer Racist!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2019

As everyone who is in the loop is aware, the Stormer put the whole Chernobyl diversity controversy to rest when we logically concluded that the reactors had to be constructed by Somalis because of how shitty they worked.

Casting inept Somalis as nuclear scientists in charge of a reactor would have pleased both Diversity Cultists and Race Realists alike. HBO really should be called out for their casting decision to make the scientists White when clearly this was the work of kangz.

This whole controversy started when some random brown lady who has since blocked her account tweeted about it.


Criticism of HBO’s Chernobyl for not casting ‘people of color’ may have caused fallout on social media, but it turns out at least one of the Russian liquidators of the 1986 nuclear disaster was in fact black.

British screenwriter Karla Marie Sweet unleashed a flame war over the weekend, objecting to the HBO miniseries not casting more “people of color.” One of the main arguments of those who pushed back was that Soviet Ukraine circa 1986 did not look much like modern-day Britain.

That is still technically true, but the curious case of Igor Anatolyevich Khiryak is the exception that proves the rule.

Khiryak is a resident of Cherepovets, a city in Vologda region, some 500 kilometers north of Moscow. In 1985, he was called up for military service, and took part in the evacuation of civilians from the area affected by the events in Chernobyl.

Well, that’s that then! Russia is officially no longer racist. They found the nigger in the nuclear reactor and can no longer be called too White by brown women living in the West. Crisis averted.

But I feel that this story is doing a disservice to the truth and the real tragedy at the heart of the Chernobyl disaster. Despite me being RT’s #1 shill and promoter on the Daily Stormer, I can’t help but break ranks on this one because there is a hidden story that has to be told.

Few people know the real backstory of Igor Anatolyevich Khiryak – Russia’s first ever radiation-nigger. 

This is a picture of Igor from before the Chernobyl disaster:

Handsome, tall, well-built and White. 

Now, take a look at this.

This is a picture of Igor after his exposure to high radiation levels in the aftermath of Chernobyl – during the clean-up efforts:

Ugly, short, skinny and black.

The difference could not be more stark or tragic.

And we’ve all heard the radiation horror stories: bizarre mutations, radiation sickness, internal organs turning to mush… but Igor suffered the worst fate of all.

Chernobyl made him a kang.

Igor made the ultimate sacrifice for his homeland, and for that he was given an official citation from the Soviet government.

It reads:

Comrade Igor Anatolyevich Khiryak,

We thank you for your service during the Chernobyl clean-up efforts.

While everyone involved in the operation sacrificed a lot, some sacrificed more than others.

It has come to our attention that the radiation may have turned you into a “негр” whereas you once used to be a decent White man of good character.

Please accept out deepest condolences.

If you should feel so inclined, you may go ahead and kill yourself. No one will hold it against you, fren.


The Soviet Union

Well, there you have it, folks.

It’s all written there in black and white (heh).

Igor is one of the greatest unsung tragic heroes of the whole Chernobyl saga, and HBO didn’t even think to include him in their show. Some may call it racism… but that’s because it is, in fact, racism.

As to what happened to Igor after his service… well, no one knows, really.

Some say that immediately after becoming black, Igor made a beeline to the nearest KFC. But because there was no KFC in the USSR, he had to make do as best he could.

Legend has it that he’s still out there, looking for that KFC to this day.

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