Black Who Killed White Cop Gets Jumped in Prison – Sues City

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2018

Demetrius Blackwell.

Da citay dun gotz to pay fo mah trauma uv bein jumped n sheeit in prison.

It wuz der falt sinz dey didn gimme no bodyguard n sheeit nigga.

New York Post:

He killed a cop — and now he wants a payday from the city.

Convicted Queens murderer Demetrius Blackwell — who is serving life in prison without parole for fatally shooting NYPD Officer Brian Moore in May 2015 — whines in court papers he was attacked by two inmates while behind bars.

Blackwell claims he was jumped in April 2017 by two other cons at the Brooklyn Detention Center — thanks to the “carelessness, recklessness and gross negligence” of prison staff.

The 37-year-old killer suffered a “deep,” almost 5-inch slice to his face, according to court papers.

Blackwell — whom a judge described as “a cold, calculating killer’’ at his sentencing — insists that he was an innocent victim in the brawl.

The cop-killer says he was attacked “without provocation and justification,” according to the suit.

The melee was caught on surveillance footage, which shows a correction officer using pepper spray to break up the fight.

The audacity of these negros suing the city after killing a cop for getting jumped in prison (which every inmate has happen at least once) is stunning.

Brian Moore.