Blackface Reminds Everyone that Doctors Are Racist

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2019

Deepti Hajela “covers issues of race, ethnicity and immigration for The Associated Press.”

Diversity writer Deepti Hajela from The Associated Press has enlightened us on how wearing a black people costume is not only a deeply evil act of white supremacy, but also a reminder to everyone that doctors don’t like blacks very much.


The racist photo on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s yearbook page wasn’t the only thing that disgusted Monifa Bandele. She was especially appalled that the image was published as he was graduating from medical school on his way to becoming a pediatrician.

The 1984 photo has stirred a national political furor and reopened the long history of bigotry in American medicine. The revelations about Northam gave many African-Americans a new reason to be distrustful of doctors.

If you devalue black people, that’s going to impact how you treat black people,” said Bandele, senior vice president at Moms Rising, an advocacy group where she works on reproductive health issues, including maternal mortality. “And not just him, all of the medical professionals connected to the school, to the yearbook … basically, your slip is showing. If you felt that black people were equal to white people in any way, shape or form, you would not think that this was OK.”

The photo surfaced from the pages of the Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook. The image showed one man in blackface and another in a Ku Klux Klan robe. The Democratic governor denied that he’s in the photo but acknowledged wearing blackface on a separate occasion.

Has the world gone insane?

I mean… we know the world has literally gone insane thanks to the Jews, but just asking ourselves that question has some magic to it. It just feels nice.

Yes, the world has gone insane. Going to a costume party with your friends as cops and thieves is going to impact how you treat cops and thieves, you know? Because if you thought cops and thieves were equal to you, you wouldn’t think that wearing cops and thieves costumes was OK.

What do cops and thieves have to do with blacks? Well, blacks commit the most — you know what? Scratch that question. What I want you to realize is how crazy the premise they use to portray blackface as some act of racism or hate is.

Cops won’t feel outraged if you and your friends go to a costume party dressed as cops and thieves. They won’t tell you you’re a bigot for not realizing cops died at the hands of criminals and that you shouldn’t even joke about dressing as a cop. That you shouldn’t even play. That you shouldn’t even have fun.

But that’s what’s happening here with blackface and the KKK costume. Why can’t you dress up as a black for a costume party? Why can’t you dress up as the KKK for a costume party? Because blacks died? Because the KKK is evil?

Why can you go dressed up as anything else, then?

Portraying the incident as a some kind of hate manifestation is ridiculous too, because people don’t dress up as things they hate for costume parties. There is no other real angle to the Ralph Northam story than people having a sense of humor, yet they’re still milking this incident to talk about how somehow this proves white people are evil.

If anything, black people should be glad white people dress up as them for costume parties, as it shows how integrated blacks are in our culture.

The author then goes on about how medicine in general has a history of racism and how even in modern times doctors are not very kind to blacks.

African-Americans have long complained of being ignored by doctors and having their concerns downplayed. Several studies over the years have documented bias in medicine, including research showing that white doctors sometimes think black patients are less likely to feel pain.

Maybe they shouldn’t act so tough if they don’t want people to think they’re tough, you know? But whatever. Doctors are like that with most people. It’s not really a “race” issue they’re talking about here, but a “doctors being generally shitty” issue.

But if doctors were indeed racist. So what? Blacks keep complaining about white people but white countries are the places on Earth where blacks live the best, and they’re all still trying to invade us.

They should make up their minds for once and decide.

If white people are evil, then they should stop coming to Evil Land.

If white people are good, then they should stop coming to Good Land too, because they’d only ruin it.

The whole Jewish “white people are evil but everyone wants to enter white countries” narrative is at least as schizophrenic as saying dressing up as a black is a deep act of hatred.

Those that think “but they didn’t come here they were brought here as slaves!!!!” should know that we’re ready to offer them one-way tickets back to Africa. We’d save so much money in the long run.