Blacks Sue High School Over “Monkey See, Monkey Do” Slideshow of Hate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2020

Oh boy.

We’ve got another high school teacher publicly telling the class that black people are gorillas and monkeys.

CBS News:

A Long Island, New York school district will be hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit over an allegedly racially insensitive slideshow featuring photos from a class trip to the Bronx Zoo, an attorney says. The slideshow featured a photo of four black students in the zoo, and one of a gorilla, and the label “Monkey see, monkey do.”

The students and their families are crying foul over the images a science teacher used in the slideshow, CBS New York reports.

“There can’t be any question about what they meant,” said lawyer John Ray. “Remember, this is a zoology class. Evolution is taught.”

“Evolution is taught”?

What is the relevance of remembering that?

Are you saying blacks are “less evolved”?

Because from what I’ve read, they’re actually more evolved, given that they are both more intelligent and less prone to anti-social behavior than white people.

Their women are also more attractive.

“I didn’t know that they were going to put in that perspective and show us, compare us to monkeys,” said Longwood High School junior Gykye Murray.

The teacher took the pictures during an advanced zoology course field trip.

Just before the December break, he presented to his classes using Powerpoint.

The four students say they were humiliated when they saw themselves.

“I said they had used us like slaves,” said senior Khevin Beaubrun. “I posted (a video about) it on Snapchat, social media, and (I was asked) to take it down.”

Beaubrun said he was threatened and pressured by administrators to delete the video or face suspension.

“This is institutionalized racial superiority,” Ray charged.

“Us African-Americans have been through this already, and it’s coming back again,” said junior Desmond Dent, Jr. “Us being compared to monkeys, and I don’t think we should be compared to any animal.”

What about dolphins?

I am often compared to a dolphin, and it makes me feel great.

Longwood administrators say the zoo field trip and slideshow have been going on for a decade with all races of students posing for “monkey see” photos. The district now calls it culturally insensitive.

The teacher was defended as a good man who made an honest mistake and intended no malice.

Oh sure. The good old “it was an honest mistake, I’m not calling you a monkey” excuse.

That’s the same thing the neo-Nazi clothing company H&M said when they put a black kid in a monkey shirt.

The reason that it is obvious that it is racist to say anything about black people and monkeys is that black people obviously look like monkeys. Wait, no. Black people don’t look like monkeys. It is pure evil to even think that. I apologize.

It’s racist to ever say the word “monkey” in the context of anything about black people because… well, no one knows why, but it is pure hatred for the color of the skin.

We know that for a fact.