Bodies of Three Women Murdered by Nog Found

Daily Stormer
June 7, 2018

No one could have predicted something like this would happen.

Mass Live:

Kayla Escalante, meanwhile, wears a hospital gown and holds a baby girl in a Facebook photo from December 2015. In a comment on the photo, she wrote: “It’s so nice to hear and say…my family. I love it. I love my family. We have the greatest family ever!!!”

Escalante’s Facebook account went quiet in December. In one of her last pictures, she’s smiling broadly as she holds the girl, now a toddler.

Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni on Monday delivered grim answers to the mystery of the women’s disappearances, putting their names to the three bodies found last week at 1333 Page Blvd. in Springfield.

Escalante, of Ludlow, is the youngest victim. Court records show she would have turned 27 on May 30 — the day before Gulluni announced the grisly discoveries at the home of Stewart Weldon, a suspect in two separate kidnapping and sexual assault cases. Weldon has not been charged in connection with the bodies.

Investigators recovered the women’s remains during a five-day search of the property in a busy city neighborhood that began on the evening of May 30. Police descended on the house after Weldon’s mother called 911, reporting a rank odor.

Kayla Escalante.