Bodybuilder Chad Stabs Roastie to Death at Mom’s House on Tinder Date!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2019

This is basically modern dating in a nutshell: You invite a self-destructive thot with crazy, colored hair over to your mom’s place during the day while she’s at work, end up stabbing her eye out because she’s a dumpster fire trainwreck who deserves it, but then the coppers show up and kill you and your dog.

Such is life in Soviet America.

Daily Mail:

A 25-year-old YouTube bodybuilder from Massachusetts died late Thursday after he was tased by police who found him violently stabbing a woman he met on Tinder at his mom’s home.

Cohasset police arrived to Erich Stelzer’s residence around 10pm when they said he repeatedly slashed his date, newly identified by her family as 24-year-old veterinary assistant Maegan Tapley, in the face with a knife.

District Attorney spokesperson Peggie Krippendorf said in a statement: ‘In an effort to rescue the victim and disarm Stelzer, Cohasset police officers used Tasers to subdue Stelzer.’

Stelzer became unresponsive soon after the tasing, and stopped breathing while being transported to the hospital.

First things first: Stelzer did not deserve to be tased to death by the police, that’s for sure.

Stelzer was a chad and in any just society, the police would have arrived and helped him beat that bitch even worse. The only question I have is: why would a 6’8″ chad need to use a knife?

But let’s be honest: we don’t know what happened here. We do not have the data, we do not have the science.

But here’s how I see it going down:

  1. She flipped out over something and took out the knife
  2. He called the cops
  3. She attacked him and he defended himself, disarming her/turning the knife on her in the process
  4. Cops arrived, looked for a dog to kill, choose to kill Stelzer instead

This makes infinitely more sense to me than the bizarro story we are being presented with now.

Unless… well, there’s only one alternative explanation that comes to mind.

A source told WBZ-TV that Stelzer was in an ‘altered mental state’ or suffering a ‘possible mental health issue’ at the time of the domestic violence incident.

His neighbor, Fred Siegel, told the local station: ‘It’s unfortunate you never want to see anybody get hurt and you certainly don’t want to see someone die over something.



There has been an explosion of steroid use in the West as men feel the need to bulk up into obscene monsters to be able to attract a semi-attractive thottie. So again, this is the fault of the wahmen, really.

They encourage this behavior in men – so why should we feel sorry for them when they end up getting their eyes slashed out as a result of it? Once again, if we look at the situation objectively, we find that the White man is the victim of an oppressive societal paradigm and that the worthless roastie is really to blame for everything that she got.