Boehner Cries as Paul Ryan Becomes Speaker of the House

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2015

John Boehner is such a cuckold homo. How many times has this man cried in public? Men should not cry on TV, and generally shouldn’t cry at all.

This faggot literally brought tissues with him.

True story.
True story.

He might as well have brought his wife on stage to get gang-banged by Blacks – including Obama.

Even these dudes were all like wtf this is shameful and disgusting.
Even these dudes were all like wtf this is shameful and disgusting.

Paul Ryan is being sold as some far-right extremist, but is nearly as much of a cuck as Boehner. Hopefully he won’t cry as much.

Our nation looks faggoty enough already. These people need to chill.

Washington Post:

Rep. Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) is ready to begin a “new day in the House of Representatives” after being elected speaker.

Ryan won the support of 236 House members in a vote Thursday morning, securing his election. The Wisconsin Republican on Wednesday won the nomination of the House Republican majority, who united around one of their party’s brightest stars after weeks of uncertainty about their next top leader.

Ryan began his remarks to the House following the vote with a call for unity — not only among the divided Republican conference.

“Let’s pray for each other,” he said. “Republicans for Democrats, and Democrats for Republicans. … And I don’t mean pray for a conversion. Pray for a deeper understanding.”

“We are not settling scores,” he added. “We are wiping the slate clean.”

He nodded to demands of back-bench conservatives who felt marginalized by his predecessor, John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), calling for committees to take the lead in writing major legislation: “We need to return to regular order,” he said, embracing a watchword of Boehner discontents.

Boehner was forced out for constantly giving Obama the reach-around, and refusing to ever question anything he did. I predict Ryan will do the same thing, just protest a bit more.

The government itself is a hoax. These people should all be in prison.

But yeah. At least Ryan is a bit masculine and in good shape. And his last name is not a slang word for an erection. It’s basically an improvement, I guess.

Still gay tho...
Still gay tho…

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