Bolivia Too? Riots Begin in La Paz Because of Human Rights Democracy Freedom™

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2019

I, in theory, studied South American and Caribbean history/politics in college and even visited La Paz, Bolivia back in the day (8/10, would visit again actually).

I’ll also have you know that I took a semester of advanced Spanish as well.


Q: Comoh tey yah-mos? 

A: Meh ya-moh Roy, ey tu?

Boom. That’s what several hundred Gs gets you, ladies and gentlemen. Try not to be too impressed.

And yet, despite my lofty credentials, I do not know what is really going down in Bolivia yet – or Chile or Lebanon for that matter. Nor do my fellow Americans.

I do know, however, that it is only a matter of time before I am told by the lying Jews media that it is imperative for the US to send troops to these countries to support one faction over the other in the name of Human Rights Freedom Democracy™.


Violent protests have erupted in at least nine cities in Bolivia amid ongoing confusion about the result of Sunday’s presidential election.

Suspicion arose among opponents of the incumbent, Evo Morales, after the quick count was surprisingly halted.

His main rival, Carlos Mesa, said the quick count’s results were fraudulent.

You gotta love Democracy in action, folks.

Massive riots every time one of the candidates doesn’t get his way. Periodically, said riots are quickly exploited by foreign intelligence agencies to overthrow the government and/or plunge the country into civil war. This formula is repeated once about every 10 years in every country that the Jews want to exploit.

How could you not love such a system!?

If that result were to be confirmed, Mr Morales and Mr Mesa would face each other in a run-off on 15 December.

The detailed count shows the two neck and neck. With 72% of the votes counted, Mr Morales just had a 0.58 percentage point lead over Mr Mesa, making a second round highly likely.

With 83.8% of the votes verified, its website showed Mr Morales leading with 45.3%, leaving Mr Mesa in second place with 38.2%.

That result suggested there would be a run-off, prompting celebrations in the campaign camp of Mr Mesa, who jubilantly declared: “We’ve made it to the second round!”

But then the website with the quick count stopped being updated for 24 hours, prompting electoral observers from the Organisation of American States (OAS) to express their concern.

As counting was suspended, Mr Morales told his supporters he was confident that when votes from rural areas were tallied, there would be no need for a run-off.

When the quick count was finally updated on Monday evening, Mr Morales had a lead of 10.12 percentage points – just wide enough to stave off a second round.

The OAS electoral mission called the change “drastic and hard to explain”.

Evo Morales was considered a hero back in the day.

He was the first Indio president of Bolivia – a country traditionally run over by a corrupt castizo (basically white Spanish) ruling class that spent its days schmoozing in their walled-up mansions, but which could magically become liberal and Leftist at the drop of a sombrero when it came time to criticize the “Yankee Imperialists” up north.

These self-righteous scumbags spent their days sucking off the memory of Che Guevara – but when an actual Indio Communist leader rose up, they immediately soured on the whole idea.

See, Bolivia is a bit different from the more mestizo-heavy countries that border it. There’s still a huge and intact Indio population with its own native traditions – and they were the ones that finally mobilized and catapulted Evo to the presidency.

Unsurprisingly, Evo is basically a Third World “anti-Imperialist” Communist. He got along well with the other Communists in South America as well. It was a heady time.

This new guy, Carlos Mesa, is a Washington spy-shill who has made his career as a swamp-equivalent bureaucrat and has done everything he can to oppose Evo’s populist platform and nationalization agenda.

Bolivia does not have any competent Indio cadres, and even Evo had to rely on the mestizos and castizos to run the country – simply because no one else can. Now though, the castizos have decided that it’s time to put an end to the Evo experiment. They got the bought and paid for mestizo class to riot in the cities for them.

At that point, protests broke out in cities across Bolivia with disgruntled voters reportedly setting fire to ballot boxes in the cities of Sucre and Tarija.

Democracy in action, folks. Setting fire to things is an unmistakable hallmark of all civilized democratic nations.

We see it everywhere that Human Rights Freedom Democracy™ is implemented.

Thousands of Bolivians also demonstrated outside the hotel in the city of La Paz where the Supreme Electoral Tribunal had gathered to process votes.

Mr Mesa denounced the updated results: “We are not going to recognise those results that are part of a shameful, consummated fraud that is putting Bolivian society in a situation of unnecessary tension.”

“We trust citizens won’t accept this,” he said, speaking in the opposition stronghold of Santa Cruz. “This government has created an impossible situation. It’s mocking the popular vote.”

An opposition group in Santa Cruz has called on residents to take part in a general strike starting at noon (16:00 GMT) on Tuesday.

Michael Kozak, the top US diplomat for Latin America, took to Twitter to denounce what he said were the “attempts to subvert Bolivia’s democracy”. 

These ambassadors really should keep their mouths shut. If there was any doubt which side was in the wrong, the minute the US Embassy issues a statement, all doubt is removed.

I’m of the opinion that we should let these Indios eat the castizos there because these people are hypocritical cunts who hate America and spread Leftism when they immigrate to us while also being too incompetent to run their own countries.

Examples abound:

I really wish the Indios would hurry up and eat them so that we don’t have to deal with them.

But let me say this: even if you are a shill for the Castizo Occupation Government and disagree with my take, can we at least agree that none of this is any of White America’s business?

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