Bolsonaro Says He’ll Put Military on the Streets

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2018

It’s going to be a Duterte-style bloodbath, man.

It’s going to be glorious.


Brazil’s leading presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro said on Sunday that, if he is elected, he intends to use the armed forces for routine street patrols, describing the country as “at war.”

The far-right lawmaker and former army captain said in an interview with Band TV that he would discuss the idea with his proposed defense minister and state governments, which are responsible for public safety.

“If Congress grants permission, I would put armed forces in the streets,” Bolsonaro said.

A 63-year-old, seven-term congressman who openly defends Brazil’s 1964-1985 military dictatorship, Bolsonaro is widely expected to win the presidency this month. Opinion polls show him leading his leftist rival Fernando Haddad by 18 percentage points just a week ahead of the Oct. 28 second-round vote.

Bolsonaro, a polarizing candidate who has been charged with hate speech for his comments regarding gays, blacks and women, has pitched himself as the anti-establishment choice, appealing to voters fed up with political corruption and violent crime.

Is it ideal to take people’s rights away and just send the military out to slaughter them on the street?

Probably not. I believe in right to a trial and so on.

But at some point, we must understand that conditions are so dire that these old memes of “a right to trial” and such are no longer viable.

Certainly, no one expects such a thing in a war. When you are in a war, you shoot the people on the other team. You don’t shoot them with tranquilizer darts and drag them into a court.

Brazil, like the Philippines, is effectively a warzone. Or just “literally a warzone.”

At some point, America is going to be like this as well. And we will also need military on the streets. This is to protect the peace, protect the people, ensure the freedoms of the people.

The people cannot be free if they cannot safely walk the streets. And the freedom of the people must always come before the supposed civil rights of criminal gangs at war with society.

Furthermore, neither Brazil nor the Philippines has some kind of traditional legal system rooted in English common law. Expecting them to rule with such standards is effectively an expectation of them turning into demented narco-states.

Basically, the globo-homo complex has forced all these unmanageable standards on third world countries for the explicit purpose of driving them into chaos.

So along with being a general trend towards solving problems with force, this phenomenon of the return of the great third world dictator can also be viewed as a reassertion of sovereignty by these nations.

Intellectualize it however you like. Doesn’t really matter. Bolsonaro taking the throne is going to be the ultimate awesome.