Bolton to Send Humanitarian Aid (Weapons) to Guido’s Supporters in Venezuela

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2019

We’re really going to go ahead with this then?


Really really really???


The US says it is sending aid to crisis-hit Venezuela following a request from Juan Guaidó, the opposition leader who has declared himself interim president.

Let me tell you why the US is so gung-ho on this Guaidó character.

It’s because he looks like a cross between Macron and Obama – two GloboHomo heavyweights.

Mr Guaidó’s move last month won swift backing from the US and others but triggered a power struggle.

Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro has accused him of mounting a coup and retains major international allies.

He has dismissed US offers of aid as a pretext for military intervention.

Saturday saw thousands take to the streets of the capital Caracas for protests in support of both President Maduro and Mr Guaidó.

It was a literal dud. They couldn’t even get a proper Maidan going in Caracas. Sad!

Crucially, Mr Maduro retains the support of the military, but ahead of the demonstrations Mr Guaidó was given a boost after an air force general – Francisco Yanez – became the highest-ranking military official yet to pledge support for the opposition leader.

Well, well, well.

So some members of the military are defecting.

I don’t think the Air Force counts for much though. Venezuela doesn’t stand a chance in the air.

Far more important are the S-300s that are in place. Those missiles are the key to not suffering an all-out American shock and awe campaign from the skies.

Mr Guaidó says he has held secret meetings with the military to win support for ousting Mr Maduro and also reached out to China, one of Mr Maduro’s most important backers.

Why would China support a CIA asset?

Mr Guaidó does not control any territory in Venezuela, so instead he is planning to set up collection centres in neighbouring countries where Venezuelans have fled to.

Armed camps in Columbia and probably Brazil and Guyana where American advisors are assembling a Bay of Pigs-style invasion force, no doubt.

He said he wanted to set up an international coalition to gather aid at three points, and press Venezuela’s army to let it into the country.

In a tweet, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said plans were being advanced this weekend. 

Ah yes, no one cares more about human rights than John Bolton.

Seems legit. 

Definitely not planning the most brazen invasion in living memory, oh no.

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  1. I thought president Trump is going to stop all that?

  2. As if Bolton wasn’t bad enough, I personally realized that this was/is all going to end badly when (((Elliott Abrams))) was appointed- by Trump, no doubt- to be the intermediary between the US and Venezuela… He was one of the most earnest architects of the War in Iraq after 9-11… He- like (((William Kristol))) and all the other Jewish Neo-Cohns- should have never been allowed back into the US Establishment… Because on top of the simple fact that these Jew Neo-Cohns have all been discredited, we actually have a President in Trump who ran on being against specifically these types of people… I don’t know how Trump, himself, can reconcile these facts, but I’m totally sure that (((Jared Kushner))) is helping him with that…

  3. lucky says:

    I’m here to tell you guys, that something else is going on.

    Trump holds all the cards. There’s nothing the kikes can do to get get him.

    Trump knows about 9/11

    When I go to jewtube, and type in Donald Trump 9/11, all I get are cnn and msnbc drivel.

    Donald Trumps support surged during the primaries and general when he mentioned 9/11 and how Iraq didn’t attack us.

    Trump knows this.

    Don’t be weak and cowardly.

  4. Stormer may be down on the normie web, but I’m still posting these articles on Gab (fuck Facebook though) and the freespeechextremist site

    Goddamn Jews really need to be taught a sterner lesson this time around.

    p.s. – here’s the Gab link

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