Bong Transvestite to Give Swedish Police a Lecture on How to be More Welcoming of Trannies

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2018

Sweden needs to learn from the best.

If you’ve been paying attention to European news recently, you’ll notice that Britain has comfortably overtaken Sweden in the race for the title of “Most Cucked Country Other Than Canada.”

While Sweden spent the first days of August putting out wildfires, for example, Britain already recognized Sharia Law in a courtroom, radicalized a bunch of Moslem toddlers and released a political prisoner as a starving, gibbering wreck.

Awestruck by Britain’s dedication to vibrancy, Sweden contacted the Bong Inner Party in the hope that they could teach them a thing or two about becoming better goyim.

Though hesitant to reveal their secrets to a competing country, Britain finally yielded and sent Sweden one of their finest diversity ambassadors!


Police in Sweden are set to welcome a British ‘Ambassador for Trans Progression’ in policing for tips on promoting transgender visibility in the workplace as part of their LGBT Pride celebrations.

Former chairman of Britain’s National Trans+ Police Association, Bee Bailey, will speak at the Swedish capital’s EuroPride 2018 festival on Friday in a policing seminar on transgender rights in the workplace.

Throw holy water at this thing and it’ll burn, I guarantee it.

Fearing “being featured in the media or losing my job”, the officer kept his transgender identity quiet upon starting work at Gloucestershire Police in 2000, according to a Swedish press release about the event.

How far we’ve fallen…

Less than two decades ago, this pervert feared for his job after becoming “transgender.” Nowadays, I don’t think you can even be a policeman in the UK without being some kind of faggot.

“I often say that I was a law enforcement superhero during the day and then a princess at night,” joked Bailey. “But there is no reason why being an open trans person in the police should cause any problems.”

Yeah, other than turning the country into even more of a laughing stock than it’s already become.

To be fair, though, a tranny would probably make an effective crime fighter due to the sheer horror factor. If I were mugging someone and a six-foot policeman with tits and mascara came running at me with a pink dildo (or whatever British policemen use as weapons these days), I’d be Tuckerfacing too hard to even move.

Ulf Johansson, regional police chief for the Stockholm area, commented: “For me, Pride is a brilliant event which evidences the fact everyone is of equal value. We cannot afford to be complacent, however, and must all continue the eternal struggle towards equality.”

YES! A real Ulf!

C’mon, where is it…

*Searches through meticulously-organized meme folder*

I’ve been waiting to use this meme on a real Ulf for months. ;_;

In a statement last month on police participation in LGBT-promoting events, policing involvement in Pride coordinator for Stockholm and Gothenburg, Isabelle Björnsson, said it is important that sexual minorities know they have the support of authorities.

“The EuroPride Festival gives us the opportunity to show that we stand up for everyone’s equal value, and that we believe diversity is good and important,” she said.

A woman. Of course.

I’m reminded that London’s Met Police, once the most respected police force in the UK, only started becoming a sanctuary for LGBTP deviants after the inappropriately-named lesbian, Cressida Dick, became its commissioner.

Fortunately, Sweden’s national police commissioner is still a man. I’m sure “Bee Bailey” will make a fuss about that, though, and tell the Swedish police that they’ll never become truly diverse until all heterosexual men are purged from their ranks and replaced with Buffalo Bills.

I mean, that’s basically his job, right?