Boston Public School Officials Claim Teachers “Too White”

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
January 24, 2014

Yall muffuggen craggas bouta be gitssumn muffegen edjumakatin up in dis muffuggah, muh dik, bix nood.
Yall muffuggen craggas bouta be gitssumn muffegen edjumakatin up in dis muffuggah, muh dik, bix nood.

Officials at Boston public schools are promoting and maintaining an environment which aggressively tries to stop White people from teaching. In Boston public schools Whites are the first to be fired, and last to be hired.

The Boston Globe reports that one plan of action is to institute a marketing campaign which targets non-Whites and deliberately excludes White people. The adverts are going to be placed on mass transit, and also in nation-wide education publications.

The percentage of Black teachers in Boston schools is decreasing slightly, and another policy is to give out “letters of reasonable assurance” to non-White teachers, in hopes that they will stay in the school system.

While he was in office, deceased Federal District Judge, Wendell Garrity, imposed a quota on Boston public schools forcing them to seek out and hire non-White teachers. Garrity’s edict, which is still in effect today, says that all public school’s staff must be at least 25% Black, minimum, and 10% other non-White groups, minimum.

Garrity’s decades-old edict, and the current “affirmative-action” employment is aiming to kick out White teachers and replace them with non-White teachers. School officials and other high-ranking officials want these policies so that non-White teachers represent the percentage of non-White children in Boston schools.

Boston public schools superintendent, John McDonough said that affirmative action is “simply the right thing to do“.

It’s essential for the district to have a diverse staff” said Johnny McInnis, president of the Black Educators Alliance of Massachusetts, and he expects recruitment efforts to make a difference.

There are around 4,500 teachers in Boston’s public schools, and the majority are white. However, 87% of the students that the teachers teach are not White.

All this “diversity” was never about representing everyone. Isn’t it strange how all this “diversity” only applies to countries with a lot of White people in them?

Isn’t it strange how out of all the countries on the planet, the ones chosen to be mixed-race just happen to be full of White people?

This is what the United Nations Genocide Conventions meant when it defined genocide as the targeting of a group in order to harm or utterly destroy the group.