Bratty Little Black Sambo CJ Pearson Turns Against America First Because He Loves Israel and the Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2019

I should have known I couldn’t trust CJ Pearson when I saw those pointy purple shoes of his…

We should have guessed that the bratty little niglet CJ Pearson would sell us down the river for 40 rocks of crack!

This annoying twerp first came out and supported Nick Fuentes and the America First movement. And I was like “yeah okay, whatever, we’re gonna need some black people agreeing with us if we’re going to go all the way with this agenda.”

But then – shocker of shockers – the silly little Sambo lost his nerve!

The first reply to that tweet was a good one.

CJ needs to go talk to the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson. Obviously, he needs to forgive his mother so he stops acting like such a little pussy faggot, who gets bullied into sucking off the Jews.

Nick responded to Sambo going full kikesucker.

Ultimo Best Waifu Kathy Zhu was in the comments of Nick’s reply, asking if he made this retraction at the request of TPUSA (pronounced “Ta-Puzza”).

It seems clear enough that this is exactly what happened.

Or rather, the same people who control TPUSA control the little black Sambo CJ Pearson.

He was friends with EDM negress Candace Owens, who recently got into a spat with America First Filipina Michelle Malkin.

She probably called him up and was like “nigga u best get wif da program, dem joos be finna cut yo blagg azz out da munny.”

Either that, or the poor little niglet was threatened by a philo-Semitic tiger.

I don’t know.

I don’t care.