UK: Brave Birmingham Moslems Doing the Negro Beating Jobs Whites are Too Lazy to Do

Daily Stormer
August 17, 2019

For millennia, Arab Moslems, the original inhabitants of Cuck Island, have been doing the jobs that Goyim are just too lazy to do.

They’ve been making delicious, spicy kebabs for beaver-toothed Brits who only know how to make grease-flavored fish and chips.

They’ve been gang-banging the teenage sluts that goys are too timid to fuck.

Now, finally, they’re beating the niggers that White people are too lazy to beat.

Daily Mail:

A ‘barbaric’ street brawl between ‘two feuding families’ erupted after a week of bad blood sparked by a ‘wedding argument’.

Savage punches were thrown and an elderly man put a youngster in a headlock in shocking footage from the daytime incident in Aston, Birmingham.

But fresh footage now shows young thugs were also armed with hammers, huge metal poles and baseball bats as they joined the 30-man melee on Prestbury Road at 5.30pm on Thursday.

The shocking scene sees one youngster – wearing a white puffer jacket – wielding a claw hammer as he walks towards the fight.

Another carries a metre-long metal pole and is seen wildly swinging at those in the brawl.

But the youths appear to lose their nerve and towards the end of the clip and retreat behind a parked Honda Civic.

Yet as they move away, older thugs brandishing baseball bats and batons clamber over other fighters to try to get a better shot at their foes.

You see, frens, brown people have been killing each other in tribal conflicts for centuries.

They are masters of this craft.

If you want to cleanse your nation of brown people, what you need most is another tribe of brown people to cleanse them.

Then, your country can finally be white.

This is similar to the old folk wisdom, “If you have a cold, stab yourself with hepatitis needles.”

God willing, soon Britain will be saved.