Brazil Election: Bolsonaro Won Men, College Educated People and the Rich

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2018

Basically, rich and/or college-educated men are the only people in society who matter, and the only people who should be able to vote in the first place. In most countries however, they cannot carry an election themselves, because the modern Jewish version of “Democracy” allows poor people, women, stupid people, etc. to vote.

In America, you wouldn’t even need race regulations on voting if you only allowed successful men to vote. I think there should be race regulations anyway, I’m just making a point.

Here are the demographic breakdowns of the Brazilian election.

Diversity Macht Frei:

Bolsonaro wins with 55% vs 45% for Haddad


55 % Bolsonaro 37 % Haddad


41 % Bolsonaro 42 % Haddad

7 % invalid votes


Candidates tied among young people, but Bolsonaro wins among mid age and old people


The most interesting part: Bolsonaro wins among highly educated people (55-34), loses among poorly educated people (38-48). Is this what will happen when whites in the US become a minority like in Brasil, forcing the college educated ones to become right wing?


Bolsonaro wins the wealthy, loses among the poor

The full breakdown in Portuguese is here.

Everywhere in the world we see the same pattern with men voting right and women voting wrong. It is no surprise that “empowering” women was the very first step in the Jewish agenda.

The good news is, we are overcoming anyway, and we will be able to destroy Democracy itself via the ballot box globally.