Brazil: Jair Messias Bolsonaro, Law-And-Order Trumpian Presidential Candidate, Stabbed; Will Survive

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
September 7, 2018


He’s now in intensive care.

The mudmanoid said “God” asked him to do it.

We know what “God” that was.

He’s been called “Brazil’s Donald Trump.”

Remember this guy? It’s hard to explain how much of /ourguy/ Jair Bolsonaro is. Anything Trump has done, Bolsonaro has done better. He’s under investigation for all sorts of racism right now. Instead of a “grab them by the pussy” comment, Bolsonaro said in in 2015 that a Brazilian Congresswoman was “not worth raping, too ugly.” He also once said that if he ever had a gay son he’d prefer him to die in an accident. Fags, women, and niggers, this guy covers the basics like no other major politician in any country anywhere.

He’s basically Daily Stormer: the Candidate.

And he’s going to be the leader of Brazil soon. That is, if the kikes don’t send niggers to kill him first.


Globo TV showed images of Bolsonaro in the midst of a crowd in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais state, when he was stabbed.

The news channel says the politician is undergoing surgery.

There’s clear video of the stabbing here.

This is the suspect:

This is the weapon used:

Anyone surprised? Mudmanoid attacking White Herald of Prosperity because muh racism.

It appears his liver is at risk, he lost lots of blood, and who knows what may have coated the weapon used to stab him. The jungle mudmanoid could have used some nasty poison in it or something.

It appears he’ll live though. Flavio Bolsonaro said he was fine in the tweet above.

Surgery stopped his internal bleeding.

Don’t they have pistols in Brazil?