Brazil: Military Deployed on the Streets of Rio

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2018

Brazil is the example that the international Jewish cabal uses as the ideal society. It is fully multicultural.

Yet, there are a lot of problems.

New York Times:

After months of escalating violence in Rio de Janeiro that included television coverage of tourists being chased and beaten by robbers during the famed Carnival festivities, Brazil’s president on Friday ordered the military to take control of public security in the state.

It is the first federal intervention in a state since Brazil’s return to democracy in the 1980s, and it is seen by some as a bid by the president, Michel Temer, to improve his favorability ratings rather than as a measure to tackle crime.

The decree signed by Mr. Temer on Friday afternoon falls short of a full intervention in the state government. While the military will take control of security, Gov. Luiz Fernando Pezão will continue to run the state government of Rio de Janeiro.

“This decision is motivated more by politics than sound public administration,” said Kennedy Alencar, a political commentator and blogger in Brasília, Brazil’s capital. “Now the focus of news will be on the president’s federal intervention to address an issue that concerns the whole country.”

The decision was made two days after the end of Carnival, when about 1.5 million tourists descended on Rio, Brazil’s second-largest city, for the annual parades and partying. But this year the festivities were marred by mass robberies, the looting of stores and shootouts between the police and drug gangs.

I know the “if you want to see the future, look at Brazil” meme is popular among the Alt-Right, due to the fact that the Jews themselves point to this violent shithole as an example of where they want to take America and Europe.

But honestly, I don’t think this is where we are headed. Our situation is going to be much, much worse.

Brazil evolved “naturally” as a multicultural shithole. The participating members of this shithole have a shared history and a shared language. They have developed a relationship of sorts. There is also much less agitation in this society. You do not, for example, have Jews telling black and brown Brazilians that they are secretly exactly the same as white people.

You also do not have Islam. Nor do you have a rush of a whole bunch of different groups trying to cut everything up as quickly as possible, to grab the biggest piece for their group.

All in all, if we end up like Brazil, we can count ourselves lucky.

However, I believe that if we do not reverse course soon, we are going to end up in a situation that is a lot worse than constant muggings, murders and low-intensity warfare between the police and drug dealers.

We are going to be in a full-on race war situation.

If you want a vision of the future, picture the “Small World After All” ride at Disneyland, except with cannibalism.