Brazil: President Threatens to Jail Glenn Greenwald for Doing Journalism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2019

Wow, Jair Bolsonaro sure did turn out to be a bummer.

I’m embarrassed that I thought this guy was alright. We should have known he was a shitbag based on how much he loves the Jews.

His fat son literally walks around in a “Mossad” T-shirt.

You can’t trust anyone who doesn’t hate the Jews.

If he was threatening to jail Greenwald for being a homo – okay, good, I support that.

But no.

He’s threatening to jail /ourgayjew/ for doing journalism.

Washington Times:

Brazil’s president renewed his attacks on journalist Glenn Greenwald on Saturday, raising the possibility of jail a few days after members of his party said the American’s Brazil-based internet publication was “aligned with criminal hackers” for reporting the contents of hacked phone conversations involving the current justice minister.

The reports in The Intercept Brazil have led to questions about whether Justice Minister Sergio Moro improperly consulted with prosecutors when he was a judge overseeing the mammoth “Operation Car Wash” corruption investigation. Moro, whose work in that probe has made him a hero for many Brazilians, is a key member of President Jair Bolsonaro’s Cabinet.

Bolsonaro has sharply criticized Greenwald for the reports, and local media said he was asked at a military ceremony Saturday whether the journalist might be kicked out of Brazil under new rules announced a day earlier allowing a fast-track deportation of foreigners deemed “dangerous” or who are found to have violated the constitution.

The president responded that Greenwald is covered by the regulations because he is a resident of Brazil who is married to a Brazilian, legislator David Miranda, and they have adopted children together. But Bolsonaro added: “Maybe he will be imprisoned here in Brazil.”

The Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism condemned the president’s comment about jail.

“By threatening a journalist who publishes information that he dislikes, the president promotes and instigates serious attacks on freedom of expression. Without free journalism, the other freedoms will also die,” the group said.

Here’s Glenn’s statement.

Most of his Twitter feed is in Portuguese right now.

Greenwald should be jailed for his anal activities AND for being Jewish.

But instead, Bolsonaro wants to jail him for just doing basic journalism about the corruption in the Brazilian government. Journalism that isn’t even particularly interesting.

This entire “car wash” scandal is just about construction contractors paying politicians for government contracts. It is the most basic third world corruption, very boring.

In actual fact, I don’t see why Greenwald is reporting on this, given that he lives in Brazil. He has done all sorts of reporting on corruption in the West. Targeting the country where he’s being harbored is kind of dumb, especially when it’s something that no one actually even cares about. It’s not like he uncovered the Brazilian Pizzagate.

So, maybe he does kind of deserve this. This is just basic meddling that he’s engaged in, “uncovering” low-tier government corruption. And I think he’s probably doing it because Bolsonaro keeps calling him a faggot.

But yeah I mean – whatever. Bolsonaro really does suck.

All he’s done in office is try to get Trump to go to war with Venezuela and promote Judaism.

And people should be allowed to do journalism.

There is simply no way for someone to simultaneously be “pro-Jewish” and “a good person.”