Brazil Prison Riot: Beheadings, 56 Dead, 144 Escaped

Daily Stormer
January 3, 2017

Standard Brazilian situation.

The filthy Jews keep talking about this future multicultual paradise that America will become once we totally maximize immigration to the point where no one has any concept of the country being a society and it’s just a bunch of different, confused groups interbreeding with each other and holding hands, singing “Imagine” and reading the Constitution or whatever.

The thing is, that paradise already exists: it’s called “Brazil.”

Here are the official racial demographics of the country:

And truth be told, a lot of that white population is in fact mixed to whatever degree.

I mean just look at the Victoria’s Secret Brazil crowd, you can see the whole spectrum.

You’ve got your Giseles, the blue-eyed Amazon Aryan warrior goddess.

Then you’ve got your Adrianas – she claims to be every race mixed together, but probably is listed as white on a census.

Then there’s this one, another all races together but with less white than Adriana – she could also probably qualify as “white” on a Brazil census.

And then you’ve got this chick.

Then you’ve also got actual full-blooded Negroes, but there are no Victoria’s Secret examples for some reason (must be racism).

Basically, it is exactly the sort of racial mish-mash we are being told – by the Jews – will make America better.

And this is the sort of thing that happens there.


Rioting inmates decapitated their rivals in brutal fighting between two gangs in a Brazilian jail that left 56 dead, while 144 prisoners escaped, officials said.

The riot broke out Sunday afternoon and lasted through the night at a prison on the outskirts of Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, state public security secretary Sergio Fontes said.

Bloodied and burned bodies were stacked in a concrete prison yard and piled in carts, an AFP photographer at the scene said.

Fontes’s department later lowered the death toll to 56 from an earlier count of 60.

The fighting ranks among the most deadly of numerous prison riots across Latin America in the past decade.

Fontes called it “the biggest massacre” ever committed at a prison in the state.

Outside, heavily armed police hunted for dozens of inmates who escaped through a series of tunnels discovered at the Anisio Jobim penitentiary complex.

Fontes’s department later said that 112 prisoners escaped from that prison and another 72 from the nearby Antonio Trindade Penal Institute. Just 40 of the escapees were captured, it added.

Police finally restored order at the prison on Monday morning, freeing 12 guards who had been taken hostage, Fontes said.

They found a horrific scene inside.

“Many (victims) were decapitated, and they all suffered a lot of violence,” he told a news conference.

He said the gruesome scene appeared aimed at sending a message from the Family of the North (FDN), a powerful local gang, to rivals from the First Capital Command (PCC), one of Brazil’s largest gangs.

The PCC’s base is in Sao Paulo, some 2,700 kilometers (1,650 miles) to the southeast.

“During the negotiations (to end the riot), the prisoners had almost no demands,” Fontes told local radio network Tiradentes.

“We think they had already done what they wanted: kill members of the rival organization.”

Now, I hate to be callous, but I must say: you don’t have this sort of thing happening in say, Iceland.

Just not gonna see it there, folks. Not gonna happen.

And this prison riot decapitation fest isn’t some freak thing. This is just par for the course in Brazil. The sort of thing happening every day.

So you have to ask yourself: if we already have an example of what a country becomes when you mix all races together – and it doesn’t work out very well – then why are the Jews pushing for America – and every other white country – to become like this?

I mean, look: this whole multiculturalism thing is not theoretical. We know what it leads to. It leads to Brazil. They already tried it.

So what are we even talking about, exactly?

I mean, if there are people out there who were like “yeah, we should turn every white country into a gang war prison riot decapitation extravaganza – it’ll be mad lulzy” – then we could be like “okay, is that what people want?” We could have a referendum, and the people could decide if that’s what they want.

But we aren’t being told that.

Instead, we are being told that “diversity is our greatest strength” and that mixing all races together will lead to some kind of paradise.

Why are these Jews lying about that?