Brazil School Shooting: National High Score of 10 with a .38 Revolver, Knife, Crossbow and Molotovs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2019

Gun control is so absurd.

Brazil is a gun control country, and two kids scored TEN in a school shooting with a .38 revolver (which was almost certainly home made – that is the number one gun made in shitty third world illicit gun factories), a knife, a crossbow and molotovs.

Kids in America go in with AR-15s and sometimes only get a score of 1-3.


At least 10 people were killed in a school shooting in Brazil’s Sao Paulo state, law enforcement has confirmed. The suspects are believed to be two teenagers, who shot themselves after the rampage.

The deadly incident occurred on in the city of Suzano located in the southeastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo on Wednesday.

The Military Police confirmed on Twitter that 10 people were dead and 10 others injured after the shooting. It did not elaborate on how many children died during the incident or whether the attackers were included in the figure. The tweet, however, has later been deleted.

The attack was carried out by two “armed and hooded” teenagers, according to police. Local media reported that they turned their weapons on themselves after killing  several students and at least one adult. 23 other people were injured.

A .38 revolver, a crossbow with arrows, as well as several Molotov cocktails and a “wired suitcase” were found by police at the scene. One of the attackers was armed with a firearm, while another wielded a knife, local media reported, citing eyewitnesses.

If people want to kill a bunch of kids at a school, they’re going to do it.

The issue is not guns.

If you want to stop school shootings, you need to start coming up with some better ideas – probably relating to dealing with the disenfranchisement of youth by the modern system of corporate consumerism.

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