Brazil: White Far Right Meme Master Leading Presidential Polls

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 10, 2018

The Jew fears the Brazilian samurai.

After being under the thumb of a corrupt socialist for nearly a decade, the people of Brazil are ready to move forward.

And by moving forward, I mean start exterminating brown people drug dealers and other criminals. Brazil has a new Duterte-like figure running for office, and unsurprisingly, he’s wildly popular.

The Goldwater:

After the imprisonment of former President Lula da Silva (who was leading the presidential election polls until that moment), no one really could forecast who would win. Now, a few months before the actual event, it would seem the younger generations are flocking to the far-right candidacy of Jair Bolsonaro.

Mr. Bolsonaro, a former army captain who has declared ‘open season on criminals’ should he be elected, is often compared to a mixture of the US’s President Donald Trump and the Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte.

It’s like I’m seeing double.

Duterte has shown us that running a campaign based on exterminating undesirables with extreme prejudice is extremely popular with the people. And the world has taken notice.

Because of his extreme views on women, gays, and crime, he was often overlooked for serious politics but due to the rising crime figures in the country and the successive leftwing presidents convicted for fraud and corruption, the younger generation flocks to the far-right apparently, desperate for change.

“Crime,” in Brazil as in everywhere else, a codeword for “brown people + drugs.” Brazil is still around 45% White, not far from Bolsonaro’s estimated potential for electoral performance. It’s very likely that his support base is largely White and Asian, along with the most conservative mixed-race people who support his crackdown on drugs, faggotry and sluts.

But overall, it’s clear that his supporters expect him to exterminate Brazilian society’s most “undesirable” elements.

The memes don’t lie. Kira for president!

This subculture and conspiracy belief is playing into Mr. Bolsonaro’s favor, who currently leads the polls among a large field of candidates with some 17 to 21%. More importantly, some 60% of his voters are the under 35-year-old or the millennial generation of Brazilians.

Via Whatsapp, Twitter and other forms of social media, he has been able to capture a large audience and is growing more popular by the minute.

The youth is on his side, and they know how to meme.

“Cry moar.” Sorry about low-res Brazilian memes bros. They gotta get their shit together on that front. 640p is the minimum guys.

This shit is fire

If there’s one thing I know, is that we need more memes as political figures. Because that other crap hasn’t exactly been working out.

Memes are proven to have a positive impact on society. Vote for change – vote for memes.

Make Brazil White Again.