Brazilian Vogue Director Forced to Resign for Having Beautiful Colonialism Party

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 16, 2019

Why is everyone opposed to colonialism?

No Jews were gassed. And it was a beautiful time. Really the high-point of the existence of colored people.


Vogue Brazil Style Director Donata Meirelles is the latest victim of racism-fueled scandals that have been battering fashion industry, after a photo of her on a ‘throne’ encircled by black women sparked outcry.

The images taken at her lavish birthday celebration on February 8 caused widespread outrage among Brazil’s black community and ultimately cost Meirelles her job. The photos show the style director sitting on a throne-like white chair with two dark-skinned women standing by her side. They are wearing white dresses and turbans.

Meirelles was not the only one to have her photo taken in such a pose. More images from the party also depicted her guests posing in the same manner, using the two black women as props.

While Meirelles and her guests are happily smiling in the photos, the woke part of Brazil’s ethnically diverse public did not consider the photoshoot to be a laughing matter. They were incensed by the photos, which they argued invoked colonial stereotypes.

They claimed that Meirelles looked like a slave master’s wife or ‘sinha,’ and the black women were like house slaves or ‘mucamas.’ Activists accused Meirelles of objectifying the women to make the photos appear “exotic.”

The party took place in Brazil’s predominantly black Bahia state, where the white outfits that the women donned for the photos are traditional costumes. However, many still argued that it was a poor judgement on Meirelles’ part to not think about possible colonial references.

Who knew this sort of “woke” stuff was happening in Brazil.

I guess there are a lot of Jews in Brazil.

What I will tell you is that I guarantee it is all white women making these demands. Blacks don’t really care about this sort of thing. If you tell them to get angry about it, they will for a minute, but they will quickly forget why they are angry.

You can see on the #VogueRacista hashtag that it is all white women.

This entire leftist nightmare is driven by Jews agitating white women.

We should have listened to the anti-Suffragettes.

They tried to warn us.

Men had to vote to give women the vote, you know.

What kind of people…?

Ah, well.

The Brazilian colonialism party was quite tasteful, I think.

Aside from being gay, which no one is complaining about, because right-wingers never complain about anything, which is why we always lose.