BREAKING: Someone Found a Rock: 2.6 Million Years Old, Used by African Monkey People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2018

I don’t even know if I believe this is a tool at all, tbh. Just looks like rock.

I am a strong supporter of alternative ancient history views. Not necessarily because I absolutely agree with any specific alternative view specifically, so much as that I absolutely disagree with the mainstream narrative, which is presently barely being held together with duct tape and angry threats from Richard Dawkins.

So they come out with this sort of thing on the reg to reenforce it.

The Telegraph:

Archaeologists in Algeria have discovered stone tools and cut animal bones that may be up to 2.4 million years old, bringing into question East Africa’s title as the cradle of humanity, according to research published Thursday in the journal Science.

The artifacts – more ancient than those discovered in the region until now – were found in Setif, some 200 miles (300 kilometres) east of Algiers, by a team of international researchers, including Algerians.

The tools closely resemble those called Oldowan, found until now mainly in East Africa.

The tools were unearthed near dozens of fossilised animal bones which contained cut marks, as if relics of prehistoric butchers.

The bones came from animals including the ancestors of crocodiles, elephants and hippopotamuses.

“East Africa is widely considered to be the birthplace of stone tool use by our ancient hominid ancestors – the earliest examples of which date as far back as about 2.6 million years ago,” said the report in Science.

“The new findings make Ain Boucherit the oldest site in northern Africa with in situ evidence of hominin meat use with associated stone tools and they suggest that other similarly early sites could be found outside of the Eastern Africa Rift.”

No one actually believes that you can date a rock. Even if you follow the orthodoxy of Carbon atom counting, that can only date items going back 50,000 years.

The premise being presented here is that just a few hundred thousand years ago, modern humans were monkey people living in Africa. And they just take that starting point and fill in that story with whatever sort of thing they can think of. Whatever. Doesn’t really matter. They find an old rock in Africa “ah yes, this is a 2.6 million year old rock, used by monkey people.”

That isn’t to say that I don’t believe in “evolution” in a general sense. There’s not really a better way to explain why we have all these different animals on Earth.

I’m simply saying that you have a bunch of people that have devoted their lives to promoting a certain “story of history” and they thus have a vested interest in making sure that story remains the same.

Furthermore, you have Jews who have a vested interest in making the stupid goyim believe that their lives have no meaning and the only purpose of their existence is to consume products and do “gay sex.”

And key to that nihilistic view is this idea that there is a straight line from monkey people to Egypt to Rome to Hitler to multicultural hell, and that basically, the story of man is that of a monkey thinking he is human and then realizing he isn’t. The monkey thought his life had meaning, then he realized it didn’t.

And that understanding our lives are meaningless was a great leap in evolution.

If they came out with a bomb-drop like “actually, a million years ago there was a global empire using a form of high technology to build megalithic monuments across the planet because they believed they were in touch with a divine parallel dimension,” then you’re gonna have a lot of people rethinking this whole “I only exist to have orgasms” theory.

You can say whatever you want about new age conspiracy theorist alternative historians. I don’t think they are right about everything, and I agree they are weird, but they are presenting a critique that isn’t even acknowledged as having been made because no one can explain any of it.

We’re supposed to believe that all of these gigantic stone structures all over the planet were built coincidentally by separate civilizations of blacks or other sorts of monkey people. And that just doesn’t make any sense, bud.

Furthermore, I think that there are certainly stone structures all across the floor of the oceans, and we are not being allowed to look into this, because no one with the resources wants to look into it, because the last thing that archaeologists, historians, anthropologists, Jewish bankers, feminists, homosexuals and atheist ideologues want is to discover Atlantis is real.

I think Graham Hancock is the best of the new age alt-history guys.

Here’s a more recent interview.

He’s not perfect.

He’s like the archeological version of Rupert Sheldrake.

This Sheldrake talk was to the Electronic Universe people – they’re also quite good, in a totally separate field.

Another massive fraud situation, with the entrenched scientific establishment shilling their own careers at the expense of the truth.

If you start putting together Graham Hancock, Rupert Sheldrake and Electric Universe, you’re looking at an entire new reality with an entire new role for mankind… in an electronic universe. 

There are a lot of interesting guys on YouTube. I don’t really read very many books anymore, so I don’t know what’s going on in that scene, but when I did read books I read Hancock’s and the first several were quite good. The one about psychedelic drugs sort of jumped the shark.

Anyway, look.

These theory guys are just trying to figure things out in a situation where we’ve just been buried by idiot nonsense, primarily by the Jews.

It’s not just politics, economics and the social order: the entire reality is kiked.

Time to get woke.