Women are Whores: Teen Skanks Binge-Drink More Than Boys

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2018


brb, booking a flight to Denmark.

Seriously though, this article isn’t even about Denmark.

It’s just the UK trying to lure men into a complete and total trap.

I’ve seen enough traps in my life to know this is a trap. 

And yes, before you ask – studies show that jokes about having sex with drunken 15-year-old sluts ARE funny. The only thing funnier than joking about it is actually DOING it.

Seriously though, friends: always Google “age of consent [INSERT COUNTRY WHERE YOU’VE LOCATED DRUNKEN 15-YEAR-OLD SKANK].”

The Telegraph:

British girls are among the worst in Europe for binge drinking, despite drinking less than previous generations, new research shows.

The study for the World Health Organisation shows that teenage girls in England, Scotland and Wales take three of the top six places in a drinking league table comparing 36 European nations.

And teenage girls in the UK are now more likely than boys of the same age to have got drunk at least twice, the figures show.

But teenage girls in the UK remain among the heaviest drinkers.

While those in Denmark were the most likely to have been drunk at least twice – with 37.6 per cent falling into this category, Welsh girls were next, followed by Hungary, Scotland, Lithuania and England. In all these nations, at least 30 per cent of teenage girls had been repeatedly drunk – around twice the rates in Italy and France.

The study led by the University of St Andrews shows that while drinking among British boys has fallen so far that it has vastly improved their rankings in European league tables, British girls are still among the heaviest drinkers.


I wonder why girls would be getting shitfaced more than boys?

Well, obviously because they are stupid whores.

But one would also have to suppose there is a psychological state that leads to a desire to get shitfaced. That state, one would presume, is unhappiness.

So, one can ascertain, British girls are both less happy and less personally responsible than British boys.

Basically, female liberation has created a situation where women are told it is okay to have sex with as many men as is physically possible. This is of course exciting for them. But like a kid who is told he should only eat candy, they eventually get sick. But this is a sickness of the spirit (women do not have souls, but they do have a spirit-force that possesses them and enables them to move around and feel primitive emotions like sadness).

You see, it is nature’s way that a woman is to bond to a man she has sex with. When this does not happen, because she moves on to the next man, it fucks up her whole way of processing emotions. She develops manic, erratic emotions of fear and lonliness. Sort of like a lost dog. She feels she was supposed to bond in a meaningful way to the first (or second or third or forth) man. After four, the natural bonding mechanism shuts off, and she’s basically in a state of self-destructive rage against all men.

She takes this out by being abusive to all men, by drinking heavily and by eating copious amounts of unhealthy foods.

The brain releases these chemicals during sex, you see.

However, the more partners a bitch has, the lower doses of the chemical are released, thus causing this manic “lost dog” state.

Before you lol – this is just more evidence that black people are a completely different creature to whites, with a totally different programmed sexual behavior pattern, due to their variant evolution. Okay, now you can lol.

This is all sort of obvious, and men kind of understand it on an instinctive level, and feel bad for them. And okay, feel bad for them. Or don’t. It doesn’t really make any difference whether you do or not, so I would generally advise you to not waste the emotional energy feeling bad for stupid sluts who fuck up their brains’ emotional chemistry by serially fucking random guys.

And some men, you see, take this “feeling bad” thing to a whole other level, and think they can save these sluts from themselves. This is abject insanity. No man ever saved a slut from being a slut, unless he did it by physically restraining her somehow (NOTE: this is against the law).

Furthermore, I have heard men say that you are “defiling” sluts by having sex with them. You aren’t. Unless she is a virgin, there is zero argument there. If she is a virgin, you should probably pass anyway, because having sex with a virgin is fucking disgusting. Like performing surgery or something. But in all likelihood, unless you are a renegade outlaw cruising the middle school parking lot, you are never going to meet a virgin anyway.

If you do meet a virgin, and you want her to be your GF, you’d better hurry up and do that disgusting surgical procedure. Because it might bond her to you. But if you don’t do it quickly, and “respect her,” she will think you’re weak and go find some other guy to do the procedure on her.

But if you deflower her and don’t get her pregnant QUICKLY she will just leave you to go fuck a bunch of guys because she wants to have “the college experience.” You can’t use reason and logic to explain to her that it will fuck her brain up and make her unhappy anymore than you can use reason and logic to explain to a 2-year-old that eating too much candy will make him sick.

You’d have better luck convincing a dog not to eat his own vomit.

And probably, after you have a kid together, she will just leave you and tell the government to make you give her free money which she will use to get drunk, do cocaine and fuck a bunch of guys.

Seriously, We are All So Fucked

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we are all completely fucked on the woman issue. I know more about this than anyone I’ve ever met, and I promise you, what I am telling you is accurate. If you don’t believe me, just try to look around you without emotion and see if you can figure it out. I guarantee you, you will see that everything I’m saying is correct.

What we have is a social problem. It is not a problem of individual whores. It is the problem of an entire society that nurtures and encourages the worst instincts in women. Women then encourage these instincts in one another.

There are no simple solutions.

You would have to change the entire social order to repair this situation.

That is to say: we would need a revolution. 

You can go try for yourself, maybe get lucky. Or you can settle for a 26+ bitch whose fucked however many dozens of guys already and wants someone to provide for her.

Other than that… I dunno.

What I do know is that anyone telling you “you just have to be alpha” is full of shit. Almost as full of shit as some boomer telling you “there are good girls out there, you just have to look for them.”

You are not going to find a “good woman.” You are not going to trick some skank into being your trad waifu.

It simply is not going to happen.

nb4 “this one guy” – I am not saying it is literally impossible, I am saying it is statistically impossible.

There’s a difference.

If you need a wife, go for the 26+ used up old whore and hope for the best.

Otherwise, internalize what I’ve said and realize that this actually sets you free from women, and let’s you become whatever you want to become without thinking about all that noise.