Brink of Revolution: Salvini Endorses Yellow Vests, Condemns Rat Fink Macron

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2019

We’ve got a reverse Spanish Civil War situation brewing here now.


The two leaders of Italy’s ruling coalition have thrown their support behind the anti-government Yellow Vest movement which has gripped France since November.

The Vice President of the Council of Ministers of Italy, Luigi Di Maio, who is the leader of the Five-Star Movement (M5S) urged the demonstrators “not to weaken” on the party’s blog.

While, in an extraordinary attack on French President Emmanuel Macron, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said:

“I support honest citizens who protest against a governing president against his people.”

Most of these European bastards have refused to even comment on the Yellow Vests.

Like, neither Angela or Theresa have even said a word. I don’t think any of the EU technocrats have either. Which is utterly bizarre from a normie point of view, as this is this huge event happening in a major Western European country, and these people will come out with emergency press conferences over shit happening on the Ukrainian border. Or in Syria. Or anywhere in the world. I’m sure they’re all about to come out and start talking about this Saudi woman in Thailand.

But they can’t say anything about the Yellow Vests, because they are extremely popular in France – supported by nearly 80% of the population – and they are explicitly against the basic arguments of the EU.

This entire situation of having “democracy” but also having the leaders be virulently opposed to the will of the people has frankly become so bizarre that anything related to it just cannot be discussed.

Western leaders are claiming an absolute right to lecture the entire world about how they run their countries and are doing military interventions to spread “democracy.”

They are calling leaders with 80+% domestic approval ratings (Putin, Xi, Assad, Duterte) “authoritarian dictators” who are “against democracy,” while Macron, with his 17% approval rating, is the figurehead of global democracy.

We’re getting to the point where normal people are starting to wonder if the word “democracy” means “being forced to do things against your will.” Of course the question will never be addressed, but it’s already implicit that “democracy” is not “rule by the people” or whatever they initially claimed it was, but a bureaucratic ideological system with the goal of forcing a gigantic social experiment on people without offering any clear explanation as to why.

The Yellow Vests change everything if they continue to make a scene in the news. They are effectively calling out the naked emperor.

The fact that Macron is being allowed to handle this situation himself, apparently, rather than being ordered to do whatever he is supposed to do by Jean-Claude Juncker’s the secret council of reptilian overlords, indicates that the EU is not really functioning all that well.

(YouTube deleted every instance of this video with subtitles, but he says he’s been listening to the leaders of other planets and they’re worried about the EU. He uses the word “planet,” which you can hear as it is the same as English. He is fluent in French, obviously, and he never came out and commented on this at all and the media didn’t report on it. He clearly purposefully said he was in communication with aliens, and for whatever reason the media did not find that newsworthy.)

The logical thing would be to do whatever is necessary to stop the Yellow Vests, and do it in a way that at least appears as though the will of the people is being done. Instead of doing that, it’s just going on and on, with big news stories like a professional boxer beating up a cop coming out months after the protests began.

Now they’re persecuting the boxer, who is viewed as a hero, so the Yellow Vests have a martyr.

If I was running the EU, I would shut that shit down ASAP.

Because this is going to spread. Things like this always spread if they are not handled.

Anti-Theresa figures are calling for Yellow Vests in Britain.

I could run the EU myself and do a lot better job than the aliens are doing at pushing a Jewish social experiment, I can tell you that.

I would have forced Macron to resign as soon he condemned 80% of the population as bad for being against his weather tax and caused Yellow Vests to begin the serious riots.

Macron is a fundamentally repulsive figure, just like Merkel and May though perhaps even worse, and the longer this goes on, the more seriously the villainous oppressor image is solidified, the more normal rebellion gets, the closer you are to a situation that is unmitigable.

When you add Salvini as a walking, talking example of the fact that it is possible to have a leader that people actually like, you’re effectively ensuring that you end up in a widespread revolution-type situation.