Britain Faces Suicide Epidemic Among Male Population

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 30, 2018

There is a suicide epidemic in the West. It’s reaching levels that weren’t even seen in Eastern Europe during the collapse of the USSR.

And this is something that basic bitch materialist normies just don’t understand, even though they’re the ones killing themselves off…

Suicide seems to be something that apolitical normies do. Everyone I know that has attempted suicide or actually succesfully killed themselves was a self-hating White. And while I’ve found that many nationalists are depressed, few kill themselves.

Probably because we understand why things suck and aren’t as completely deluded, self-hating and lost as the average normie is.

In general, your nation is an extension of yourself. And in general, you feel bad when the nation suffers, even if you’re not aware that this is the reason you’re feeling bad. Healthy societies don’t have high suicide rates. Sick societies, however, all do.

When all you see is Walmarts filled with unsettling-looking people, debris-strewn strip malls stretching out for miles and miles, and an alien people coming in to replace you, it’s difficult not to despair.

Especially if you’re out of work, and don’t know what the fuck you’re doing with your life.

Because as men, deep down we feel incomplete if we are not working to serve our community and struggling to ensure our place in the social hierarchy of our tribe.

And it’s happening all over the West.


Amid reports of the UK seeing a male suicide every two hours, Simon Gunning, CEO of Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), said the staggering rates are the “clearest indicator that we are doing very badly in certain areas.”

That’s an understatement, no?

“The issue is there are 84 men a week who choose a permanent solution to temporary problems,” Gunning said. “Unable to see hope, they think death is better than life.”

Overall, suicide claims the lives of 6,000 people in the UK, the majority of whom (75 percent) are male. It has prompted CALM to launch Project84, a campaign aimed at raising awareness about suicide in the country.

The project entailed the erection of 84 statues on the roof of ITV News’ headquarters in London, each one representing a man who chose death over life.

“[Families] look out across London with collective defiance. They are saying that it is unacceptable. What we are saying is that if there were people dying from anything else there would be public outrage,” Gunning told RT.

“But because we are constricted by embarrassment we don’t mention the ‘s’ word. We want this issue to be confronted and want us to create a society were men can communicate, where they can seek help and where they can live a life less miserable.”

If we lived in a sane society, a huge suicide rate would be considered proof that something is not quite working.

But let’s be honest. The Jews and the Shabbos-Elites want this.

If you’re feeling depressed or downright suicidal because you’ve OD’d on blackpills, stop and think for a moment. Do you think they want you alive or dead? Another dead White male makes our enemies happy, so if nothing else, deny them the satisfaction.

Force yourself to live to fight another day.

That’s why the Stormer and the Alt-Right are so important. It quite literally gives White men a reason to live.

We’ll take revenge one day. I can promise you that.